May 14, 2010

I’m Cheating Again: Room Infidelity 2

I like my bedroom. Really.

Brian and I worked very hard to create our bedroom, moving a wall over 4 feet so that our tiny DSC00749room became a small room… and we installed a wall-to-wall-to-ceiling wardrobe that I LOVE. We hung a romantic chandelier over our bed, I painted the walls a warm, rich mossy green and the ceiling a soft sand. I made gorgeous chocolate brown drapes in a decadent silk and, while I have yet to find the perfect duvet cover, I do like the fabric I purchased to make euro shams (another project waiting for me).

Sounds okay don’t you think? It is. The little peek here looks pretty good, yes? It does. Really.

So why am is my head being turned by other bedrooms?!

Why do I drool at soft, monochromatic yet bright and airy rooms?

Like this one…



What do I love about this bedroom? I’ve thought and thought about that question and what it boils down to is MOOD. It’s how I imagine I’d feel to actually BE in this bedroom; what it would be like to lay in the lush and comfy-looking bed and gaze up at the beam ceiling… happiness!

Maybe it’s the soft yellow – a colour I’ve always loved… yellow’s a happy colour =) Then again, it could be the fact that – while this space is gently, softly feminine – it’s grounded and balanced with a few perfectly placed darker, more masculine pieces of furniture and framed art pieces. I see the beam ceiling as masculine, too. Feminine & masculine = yin & yang = happy. No fussy elements. Just fresh and clean = happy, happy, happy!

Yep… I’d be soooo happy waking up in this room every morning!!

I feel so guilty!!

I’m cheating on my really quite nice – albeit small – bedroom! I’m lusting after a large, bright, softly appealing room where I imagine pure happiness!!

I might have to re-think my bedroom decor! 8-/

It’s your turn again… tell me in a comment or by email (edindesign at shaw dot ca)… are you cheating on a room in your home? Do you covet a living room, kitchen or bedroom that isn’t your own? A piece of furniture? A design style?

Are you a Room Adulterer like me?!

You have my permission to cheat… and to tell! HaHa!!

Tell me all about YOUR room infidelity (the why) and include a link to your guilty pleasure! I’ll pull together a post that showcases and celebrates your fantasies – and I’ll publish it next Friday. Here… check out what I wrote the last time I invited our sassy DesignTies readers to confess… and then…

Share, share, share!



Karla @ KERRISDALE DESIGN blog said...

Oooh I'm game for round 2 of Room Adultery! My picks (cause why go for just 1??)

Simple & Classic - love the art behind the bed!

Black & White Bliss

New York Loft

Until next time my dear!


Susan said...

Your bedroom is fab and I have to tell you that I love your wall of closet cabinetry. Works for me!

On to your subject of the day ... Room Adultery. Well my post tonight is my secret love. I am definitely a serial cheater now. Call me a room ho (being very sassy now) or whatever 'cause I love it and wish it were mine.

Have a visit


Patricia @ ButterYum said...

Oh my goodness... what a fabulous blog! I'm so happy to have found it!!!


Brillante Interiors said...

Oh Yes! I am a big adulterer myself. I wish I had home in every country to have different decoration and style. I love my place but at times I also love to dream.

Unknown said...

I totally cheat! I really love one thing one day, and then something totally different the next! I toy with painting all dark colors in our house, then look around on a sunny afternoon and think, no way! Ha! Love your blog, am your newest follower! Cheers!

Razmataz said...

Since my own bedroom is a disgrace for a decorator I have bedroom infidelity all the time. I am trying to redo my cottage master, which is 7' x 11'. Literally holds a queen bed and a dresser. I figured with 2 bits of furniture I should be able to at least get this room finished.

The House That A-M Built said...

My room adultery is completely justified now. I am living in my home but it now belongs to someone else and we move in 3 weeks. I have emotionally detached myself from almost every room and am 'adulterizing' myself everywhere looking for inspiration for my next place. Hey, you won my magazine Giveaway too... so a copy of June Australian Home Beautiful will be winging its way to your country. Just need your postal address... and then you can send my boys their puppy! Ha! A-M xx

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

I'm not just a Room Adulterer, I'm a House Adulterer! And that's why I am a decorator - so that I can justify it!

Love the yellow room and get the whole MOOD love! Funny how a picture of a room gives you a "feeling" :)!

Love your room too though - those wardrobes are very nice - and functional I'll bet. And the mossy green is warm and inviting. But then, I love all of your house - oops - there I go again :)!

Penny @ The Design Bistro Blog said...

Fabulous blog! Just discovered it and you ladies ROCK as my 3 year old would say! Glad I found you.

I'm in the same boat as Razmataz, my master bedroom is just a HOT MESS for a decorator. And to make matters worse, I have no desire to pump up the volume, design wise that is. The public part of the house is my baby and there's no doubt a designer dwells there.

Without a doubt, the Bridal Suite at the Main Street Inn in Hilton Head, SC remains a favorite for me. Outside of sentimental reasons, their American bed and breakfast spin on a French Chateau left my husband and I charmed, enchanted and yearning to recreate that same environment for our bedroom. When that will happen remains a mystery:>/

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