March 31, 2010

Room Infidelity: It’s an Epidemic!

03202010heathIf you dropped into DesignTies last week you will have read my admission of Room Adultery. I was melting over this tile and the overall mid-century look it gives the kitchen it graces.

I invited our readers to admit their room infidelity and I had some great responses… along with links to some drool-worthy rooms & homes!

The first post comment I received in response to my challenge to our readers that they - like me - admit their lust for a room (or rooms) other then their own was from Tareq, Qeratfantastic furniture designer and blogger from Qerat. He wrote:

If you don't cheat on your rooms you would not be a designer !! right?? :)

Tareq… you’re absolutely right!!

Now that we have permission to cheat (haha!)… let me show you what some of our readers said and shared.

Kathy: Creative Home Expressions

I always like the "rooms" Ballard Designs puts together for their catalogues. I just love their stuff and I don't think they've done a set-up I haven't liked.

I chose these Ballard Designs images because they reminded me of Kathy’s style… especially the living room because she’s currently re-decorating her room in a similar palette (well… black and white). What do you think, Kathy? Have I captured your style?

Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs 2

Ballard Designs 3


Susan: Moving Designz

Cheating on a room? Hell no I'm cheating on my entire house.
I was at
Susan and Shane’s project last week. It's almost done and I absolutely love it. It made me sad driving away as everything on my "what if" list, is in that house... including the view.

Here’s a photo of Susan & Shane’s house… Susan is doing a wonderful job on the interior! Be sure to follow the transformation as it unfolds on Moving Designz.



Karla: Kerrisdale Design

I had a good laugh over your post this morning Victoria! And isn't Qerat right, don't all of us designers "cheat" on our rooms? To continue with the theme of kitchen lust, here are two beauties I saw on Decorpad yesterday:

DecorPad DecorPad 2



Haha, I have affairs with rooms that aren't my own every single day!
I'm definitely mushy about this gorgeous bedroom:


I pulled this image from Linda’s blog – click the photo and head over to to read all about her love affair!


Sundeep: Designwali

Totally have had a long affair with (fashion designers) Joe & Kimberly Mimran's house. Sigh...

Canadian House & Home shared the Mimran’s home in a magazine issue… but you’ll find all the photos on their website too. Here are the ones I would gladly cheat on MY home for!

JM chairs




Angela: Angela’s Peony Patch

tassel1_thumb1I'm not having an affair just yet. However, I am hoping to sooner than later get new granite countertops, a tile backsplash, and an island in my kitchen. I would so love some advice when the time comes!! I'm torn because nothing else in the room will be changing! I'm going to start buying and researching out kitchens soon!

Angela is so talented! Check out the tassel she made for Kelly, all purple and glitzy!

I love solid surface counters, Angela… I can’t blame you for being excited! I wrote a post about natural stone. Why not start that research right now! ;-)


Nancy: Marcus Design

While Nancy didn’t identify a specific space that she’s cheating with, she did admit to room infidelity! Scandalous!! Ha!

…I agree with Susan, I cheat on my entire house all the time. That backsplash is pretty amazing, I admit that I swoon for it too :)

NancyI find that I love so many different design styles, and even though I kind of know what style I want to be surrounded by every day and always seem to gravitate towards the most, that doesn't mean I don't absolutely drool over things I may not usually choose.

Hey… I covet HER family room fireplace & bookcase transformation! (pictured here)


I also received a few comments that were kindly meant to bring me back to reality – comments that reminded me that I had a lot to love in MY lovely kitchen ;-)

Danica: Redesigning Danica

Honestly, Victoria, I find myself lusting over your kitchen. Every time I see a farm sink, I think I love them more. Plus, the warm chocolatey browns make the DSC01862kitchen all the more cozy!

…another super wonderful comment:

BTW your kitchen is gorgeous! What a fantastic makeover! This should be "the gorgeous kitchen makeover blog" lol!


PS: I absolutely love your kitchen makeover, you did such an amazing job, it doesn't even look like the same house :)

Thanks everyone… you’re absolutely right!! (click on my range if you want to see the before and afters photos of my kitchen). I love my kitchen!

Next time I’m overcome with lust for a room I promise to share it with our DesignTies readers… and I hope that, when I do, you’ll share your room infidelity too. Why? Because it was so much fun to see the rooms you were loving AND even more fun to write about it!!



qerat said...

What a post Victoria :)

Loved reading the comments. Will maybe write something about my own color infidelity, fabric infidelity ...........

Kerri - Driftwood Interiors said...

Love this - I would be the Tiger Woods of room infidelity! Every time I open a magazine, or see a beautiful blog photo, I'm ready to ditch everything and start afresh with my new love. Fickle I may be, but that's what makes great rooms great - picking the best of different styles and combining them for an individual look. Great post!
Kerri xx

One of my Hobby Blogs said...

Room Adultery - I love that, have to use that one!!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Wow ~ you got me good, Victoria! What's funny is an area that I haven't even shared yet that you've gotten the lines/pieces just about perfectly {fabric and wood just a bit different}. I'll have to link back to your post here when I finally post some pictures.

Nancy@marcusdesign said...

I love this post Victoria!! Such a great compilation of thoughts and gorgeous rooms from other bloggers! Thank you so much for including me in your list :)

This is a great idea to get people thinking about what rooms they covet most, can't wait till your next 'room infidelity' post!

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

I can't believe you turned the simple question "what rooms do you have an affair wit" into this fantastic post! I think it's really interesting to see what other people swoon over!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

After reading & seeing all the gorgeous homes, I'm officially a Home Slut. Your readers have brought out the guns with some spectacular spaces. I've got the hots for white subway tile grouted with dark-gray. But those Ann Sacks tiles you love I too have lusted over for years.

Great..great post Victoria. Now, must go to confessions before Easter Sunday!! xx

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

All beautiful rooms - I'm SO cheating on my house right now - and not ashamed in the least! :) And I love Dumbwit Tellers comment!

Great idea for a post Victoria!

Karena said...

The Lennoxx room I could die for and I am constantly falling head over heels for a great design!

Art by Karena

Art Giveaway is up on my site so come and join in!

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