March 8, 2010

Home to Flip Season Two is Here!

Peter_Fallico_002I’m so excited! Tonight – on HGTV Canada – is the first episode of Season Two’s Home to Flip with Peter Fallico!! I’m SOOO excited about this new program that I formated the title Home to Flip in my favourite colour! Not once, but twice!! HaHa!

Ever since I first came across Peter in the program “This Small Space” with Susan Crenshaw oooooh so long ago (sorry for aging us, Peter!), I’ve enjoyed his work. Since then he’s hosted several fantastic programs, two of which were:

  • Home to Go – Peter worked with renters wanting to create a beautiful yet affordable home, one that can shift with them to a new place if they find themselves moving on.
  • Home to Stay – Peter helped new homeowners create lovely, livable homes that they can enjoy for years to come.

Catching a title theme here?! ;-)

Peter’s current series - Home to Flip – takes us back to his own beginnings… he started out as a professional house flipper and in these programs he shares the knowledge he’s gained, through trial and error, when renovating homes to flip. And man does he do a terrific job!

Of course credit MUST be given to the Interior Designer Peter worked with in Season One, Ulya Jensen of Ulya Jensen Interiors. She’s terrific too!

Take a look at some of the rooms they created for Episode One of Home to Flip:

Living Room Peter had his contractor Rob Evans create a larger opening in the foyer wall, creating an inviting entry into the living room. Also, Peter did a LOT of work to make this fireplace look fantastic. Unfortunately it’s a non-working fireplace… but it still looks lovely!

Dining Room

The addition of the French doors in this space was a fantastic idea – not only do they provide much needed access to the back yard, but the light they bring into the main floor is wonderful! The original dining room and kitchen were dived by a wall… Peter had it opened up and WOW what a difference it makes!

 Kitchen Kitchen 2

Ulya had to talk Peter into going with dark lower cabinets and white uppers, but I’m so glad she did… it really lightens the space, forcing the upper cabinets to recede back to the point where they’re almost unnoticeable. Such a clean, fresh look!

Second Bedroom

This room has a slight “jut out” in the wall (caused by the fireplace chimney) that Peter and Uyla used it to create a feature wall/headboard by simply painting lovely, colourful stripes on. Looks FAB!Family Bathroom

I love bathroom transformations!

Master BedroomMaster Bedroom 2

The Master Bedroom is so light and airy… love it! You should have seen it before: two rooms, one small pokey room, the other a kitchen to an upstairs suite (which became the master bathroom). The photo below doesn’t do the Master Bathroom any credit… all the tiling was fantastic!

Master Bath

Because my husband and I are just starting out our own basement renovation, the episodes showcasing the transformation of Peter’s basement have been watched over and over again!

 Basement Family Room Basement Family Area

Basement Bathroom Basement Built-ins

If you’d seen the before photos, you’d understand why I love what Peter, Ulya and his contractor Rob did! Sure it’s clean and simple… but it’s also warm (literally!) and inviting!

One of the things I love about all of Peter’s shows is that – in every episode – he personally takes on a project that anyone can do. You, me… anyone!

In Home to Flip Peter takes us through a project step by step which is fantastic. Art, bookshelves, fireplace mantles; you name it, he does it and SHOWS us how. Because Brian and I are such hand’s on DIYers, this would naturally be a part of Peter’s show that draws me in. One such project he shared = the creating of the mirror sitting over the fireplace in the Living Room and, something that has inspired me in my basement renovation, the installation of what looks like a custom built wall unit in the Family Room. Peter made these with Ikea cabinets, trimmed out to look custom. More to love!

The outside spaces were also touched with Peter’s vision… great, hey?

Front Porch Back Patio

Did he sell this house, you may ask… YES!!! Oh yes! I can’t remember the numbers, but I promise that he sold for WAY OVER asking price and made a phenomenal profit!!

FoyerSo I’ve waxed poetic about Season One of Home to Flip… can you see why I’m so excited about Season Two?!

Thirteen episodes of pure FUN!

This season Peter will be working with a new Interior Designer, Elizabeth Wharnsby, and I can’t wait to see what the two of them create!

Now… I encourage you to head over to HGTV Canada and see the before photos of the house they’ll be renovating. I’m crazy about the home’s architectural details… what will Peter and Elizabeth do to make this already fantastic home even better?! Episode 2 – The House!

Will YOU be watching too?!


P.S. Another reason to be glued to my TV… the new season of Sarah’s House (there’s that orange again!) starts tomorrow night! To drool over some wonderful rooms from previous season’s of Sarah’s House, check out THIS post.


Laura Trevey said...

These photos are amazing! I will have to check it out :)

xoxo Laura

Danica said...

I miss having HGTV. I'm looking forward to when I move back into the city. Then I can have it on all the time! Beautiful pictures, Peter does great work.

Sarah @ Dream In Domestic said...

This looks like such a great show - I wish it played in the U.S.!

Designwali said...

I have totally missed Peter Fallico too!! Can't wait to watch...

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE those house flip shows!!!

Erika Ward said...

These are amazing! I think HGTV Canada's programming is so much better than HGTV US.

Susan said...

I love his finished rooms. I didnt realize the new series started started last night. Thanks for the reminder, note to self Monday nights, Home to Flip.

C.J. said...

kelly congrats on the office win! it looked wonderful. I am excited over Sarah coming back too! Love the way she designs, common sense, lovely! Hey girls, would you mind terribly if you put me down on your blog list? she says in a whiny voice? Yesterday I actually made my first pillow, stop in and take a look. Ciao~

Insolvency advice said...

This is a stunning interior design, I love it, and it’s simple but beautiful and neat.

business plan said...

Wow! Gorgeous design! I love it, it’s very cozy and warm the colors are just very uplifting. I love it.

Janis@HomeStyle said...

Crapola I missed it!! I love Peter and totally remember This Small Space and his fab DIY's!

I did see SH and am sooooooooo freak'n excited to see what she does with this farmhouse....the entry was a great way to kick it off.

Razmataz said...

I loved season 1 of Home to flip, and I didn't know the second season was on. I will have to check it out. I love the honesty of that show. When he is stressed and worried, they let you see it...much better than some of the giggly, silly reno shows. I have always liked his style and thought Home to Stay was a great show.

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