March 17, 2010

Home Staging in Greater Vancouver: How I spent my Friday night!

What FUN I had last Friday night!!

26420_362754312460_576812460_4105457_3598228_nNo… I didn’t go out for a lovely, romantic dinner with my fella… and no… we didn’t go to a boisterous Slowpoke concert where I could be-bop to the beat of my brother Brad’s drums…251763-main_Full

My version of Friday night fun is… painting some canvases for my client’s home!


Don’t misunderstand… I’m definitely NOT an artist like Michelle Morelan of A Schematic Life (LUV!) or Matt LeBlanc (Kelly introduced him to our DesignTies readers here… more LUV!). But I was commissioned by my client to stage her home for sale, I was bound by a tight budget and I was challenged with the task of making my client’s un-used and drab 2nd bedroom into a fun, playful nursery.

So I painted some “art”!

Earlier on Friday I’d done a little on-line research, looking for children’s art – something doable by an amateur like me. Seeking inspiration, I found this…


 Aren’t they cute?!

And sooooo something I could paint!

To be clear – these particular pieces are wood cuts, but the image comes from a site that seems to have some kind of scanning virus (or so my computer warns) so I won’t give you a link.

The first thing I did was pull up the image in Photoshop so that I could “cut out” each of the 3 images, drop them in separate documents and print them out… that way I had something I could more easily reference while I painted. What a great task to do while I was at my day job! Bad me!!

acrylic-paintNext, I went to DeSerres during my lunch hour to pick up my canvases and paint… the three colours I bought were taken from a pillow I’d purchased for the crib: blue, red and green (pretend this image has green paint!).

clockAnd then I waited eagerly and anxiously through the rest of my work day (and it was a long one – I had a meeting that lasted until 6:30pm!) until I could go home and start painting. It took forever!!

I eventually got home… and I got started right away!

DSC02897 DSC02901DSC02898  DSC02902

First, I painted the canvases in my kitchen wall colour: Benjamin Moore’s Powell Bluff. Next, I lightly pencilled some guidelines… then I started painting!






Sweet, naive and totally fun!!

My client and her 2 year old son LOVE them!! For about $25 dollars (cost of both paint and canvases) I’ve not only dressed up her 2nd bedroom’s bland walls showing the room wonderfully for potential buyers, but I’ve given her son something special to hang in his new bedroom when they move!

Be sure to drop by next Monday when I’ll post all the before and after photos from this staging project… it was a phenomenal transformation that you’ll want to see! Click Here


With only a few minutes to impress potential buyers, home-staging is the best marketing tool when selling a home. Achieve top dollar… have Edin Interiors style your home or listing so that it stands out from the competition!! Edin Interiors services the Greater Vancouver real estate market.


Nancy@marcusdesign said...

I love this project, well done! And I really like the colors you chose and how well they work in the room.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Step aside Michele and Matt, this is fab. What a clever idea Victoria and I bet your client was thrilled. Once the home sells she can take with. I miss staging, just couldn't find my niche here in Houston. D :

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you & Kelly!

Sharon said...

You make home staging sound so much fun!;)
Your artwork: Clever& very Cute

qerat said...

Beautiful & Fun :)

Catherine said...

From a mom-to-be: this is such a great idea!!! I love it!! It gives me ideas for the nursery project that should start in a month or two.. I think I'll put my mom to work.. she's the "artsy" one.. Now I just have to start searching for the right inspiration!

mrsben said...

Absolutely adorable, Victoria!!!

Gayle said...

Victoria, you did a great job! Those are so cute.

BubBLeS said...

That looked absolutely fantastic! So cute! :)

Marie said...

I love those paintings! They're adorable without trying hard -- even though they're so simple. Great idea!

Barbara Matson said...

Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I don't have an email for you so I am posting here. We are so alike - I would also choose to paint on a Friday night! Nice to have another fellow blogger, Canadian and design diva cheering from the sidelines. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Oh those came out great. How fun!

Maria Killam said...

Hello? You are too an artist!! I just love what you did, so creative and special Victoria!! Awesome!!

Erika Ward said...

How cute and so simple! These would be cute in a kitchen (paintings of apples oranges or pears!)

Christy said...

So cool - and what an affordable way to personalize your (or your clients!) walls! Love these!

Diane Schuller said...

I'm impressed. No wonder she loved them.

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

How adorable are they? I am absolutely bookmarking this one for future reference! Great job Victoria!

PS - I'm going to have to find an audio clip of the Slowpokes, sounds like its something I'd enjoy!

Rashon Carraway said...

Great on the artwork. This is a very versatile project. Great job.

Mr.Goodwill Hunting

fred said...

simple lines cat and monkey, looks very good

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