March 12, 2010

The AmaZing Dezign With A Z Giveaway, Take 2

* Your Blogger feed might be telling you that my kitchen makeover has been posted. Well, Blogger is stupid. I’ll be posting my kitchen makeover on Sunday, so be sure to come back then to check it out. In the meantime, seeing as you’re here, why not enter our AmaZing Dezign With A Z giveaway :-) *

You may have noticed that our original Dezign With A Z giveaway post has disappeared. Oh, the joys of computer technology… GRRRRRR!!!!Z So here we go again…

Did you know…

Originally, Z was the sixth letter in the Greek alphabet. The Romans stuck it at the end of their alphabet years later because it wasn’t a native Latin sound and they really didn’t have much use for it. The Irish and English were lazy and decided to copy the Romans, and that’s how Z ended up being the last letter in our alphabet.

There’s one lonely Z tile in the original version of Scrabble and it’s worth 10 points.

The “zed” pronunciation is from Old French. The “zee” pronunciation is from a dialect in 17th century England. Personally, I prefer “zee”. It’s more fun to say. Try it – ZEE… ZED… yes??

But I digress — whether you say zee or zed, you’re welcome to enter our AmaZing Dezign With A Z Giveaway. Who, you might be wondering, is Dezign With A Z?? This is them:Z team
They create fun wall decals, like these:
Z store-decals Z tree-decals-08-09
Z horse-decals Z urban-wall-stickers-01-10
This is a really cool idea — you can create your very own personal movie reel :-)
Z cinema-wall-decals
And check this out… you can even put Dezign With A Z decals on cars and boats!!
Z kayak-decals
They can also create custom decals from your pictures. How cute is this:
Z custom_wall_decals
So what can you win?? How about a $20 gift certificate to put towards the Dezign With A Z decal of your choice. What, that’s not enough?! Well, then, OK, how about a $30 gift certificate :-)


And how can you win?? Just go to the Dezign With A Z website and check out their selection of wall decals. Then come back here and leave a comment telling us which decal you like best. And as usual, if you post about the giveaway on your blog, mention it on Faceboob (Hahahahah!!!! How’s that for a typo!!)—make that Facebook—or Tweet about it, you’ll get extra entries. Be sure to leave a separate comment for each way that you spread the word.


If you already did those things for extra entries, you’ll have to do them again with the new permalink. BUT, you’ll still get credit for doing them the first time around, so you can get up to SIX entries for doing the same thing twice!! How’s that for a deal?!

If you found out about our giveaway through a blog, Twitter, or FB, tell us who you got the info from and we’ll give that person an extra entry.

Due to our technical difficulties, we’re extending the entry deadline to Friday, March 19th and the winner will announced the following day.

Whew!! Hope that all makes sense!! Even if it doesn’t, just leave a comment anyway — you just might be our winner!! :-)



Susan said...

And for some reason I cannot see your kitchen renovation post even though I've been searching for it for 2 days.

I get Design Ties does not exist....grrrr.

I know you exist. And I want to see your new fab kitchen.

Designz with a Z too!

Anonymous said...

I hope this is the place to enter the Dezign with A Z contest. I love the graphics and would like to have the tree design. It's gorgeous.

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