May 18, 2010

Ottawa Design Network Group

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Are you an interior designer or decorator in Ottawa?? Are you looking for a place to connect with other designers and decorators to discuss business, and all things decor-related?? Then check out the Ottawa Design Network Group.

Back in March, Kimberley Seldon presented her Business of Design seminars at Custom Home Interiors here in Ottawa. One thing all the attendees had in common was that we felt we have nowhere to go to for advice and support as we work at building and expanding our businesses. Kimberley suggested that we form a networking group, Donna at dh designs offered to organize the group, CHI offered to host our meetings, and the ODNG was born.

We’re having our first ODNG meeting this Thursday, May 20th. If you’d like to attend the meeting and check out what the ODNG has to offer, click here to register.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

6:00PM to 8:00PM

Custom Home Interiors, 2202 Thurston Drive, 613-248-1244

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Look forward to seeing you there!!

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Unknown said...


Connection is a powerful tool and everyone wins. Different levels of experience benefit all designers all the time. In this economy a sort of "think tank" can change the industry in your area and point design in a new direction.


Karena said...

So great for designers. All are welcome to visit me for art....

Giveaway by Beth Cosner Designs is up on my site. Do come visit and spread the word!

Art by Karena

girlaboutOtown said...

I'm in! Looking forward to finally meeting you Thursday!

Marie @ MOOT said...

So sad I couldn't make it to the first meeting. Are you going to post a little summary of how the night went? Hopefully next time I can make it.

karen said...

I attended the ODNG meeting last night - sadly had to leave before the end - and it's a great idea for a group. LOVE the fact that it's open to more than just certified interior decorators. Would like to get involved and help if I can.

Here's my unsolicited thoughts: I think a member's fee would be a good idea -I know it's non-profit but a $50 membership fee would give the group some financial stability rather than depending on donations for food and wine events. It might help people to commit to the group if they pay a membership fee. And if, further on down the road, we want to ask suppliers to give ODNG (great name!!) discounts on products a membership card will be needed - which costs money and could come out of the membership fee.
Will the membership list be controlled and monitored by CHI? If you want an "independent" membership secretary I'll happily volunteer for the task. It's great that CHI are being so supportive - they've already done a lot to promote the group - but I got a bit of a frosty reception last night because I'm not a CHI member. D'ya think non-membership of CHI is going to be a problem for those of us who don't want to sign up with them?

Not commented on a blog before - hope I manage to post this OK!!


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