April 4, 2009

Making aluminium beautiful

hoselton studio

In this studio in Northumberland County, Ontario, a company called Hoselton creates beautiful free-form sculptures out of aluminium.

manpouringmdThe company was founded by brothers Gord and Carl Hoselton. Today, Gord’s daughters Jan and Carol are helping to carry on the family tradition.

Hoselton sculptures are created from raw ingots of aluminium. First, an original image is carved and a mould is made from the carving. Molten aluminium alloy is heated to 1200F and poured into the mould.

After the aluminium cools, the sculpture is removed from the mould. It goes through a long polishing process that includes at least three different hand-polishing steps. This polishing process gives each sculpture a soft, lustrous, non-tarnish finish. The occasional minute pit is created by the casting process, making each piece unique.

The sculpture is inspected and signed and ready to find a new home.


Most Hoselton sculptures are animals, ranging from butterflies to birds to whales. They also make ornaments, office accessories, and even trees!


A friend gave me my first Hoselton piece, a loon:

loon 2 loon

Then I bought a wolf:

wolf 2

wolf 1

And some of friends gave me an Acura!


Number 4908/6000 :-)

sig car

My little Hoselton collection:

all 4


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To learn more about Hoselton sculptures, check out their web site:

hoselton logo


janet said...

very nice kelly, and unique pieces

Kat said...

Really nice pieces. I love the loon in particular. Thanks for the link. Kathy

mrsben said...

Simplicity at its best!

Mrs B said...

Hi kelly
Beautiful objects...they are the type of pieces I would pick up all the time just to feel the shape in my hands. Very zen like...smooth and calming. Sometimes its the small things in our house that gives us so much joy.
Mrs B

Kierstin Bridger said...

Gorgeous little sculptures...heirlooms for modern and sleek so anti-tchotke!

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