April 1, 2009

April Food Day 2009

april food day

No one has ever become poor by giving ~ Anne Frank

I just learned about April Food Day from some of the blogs on our blogroll. Sorry to get onboard a bit late, but better late than never, right?? :-) We don’t normally advertise or request money here, but in this case, it’s for a good cause :-)

April Food Day is asking blog writers and readers to donate $1.00 during the month of April to help fight hunger. That $1.00 equates to 10 pounds of food, or seven full meals.

Hunger doesn’t discriminate—children and seniors, rural and urban dwellers, persons with and without disabilities… anyone can be hungry and need help.

You can make a donation to Feeding America in the US, Food Banks Canada in Canada, or any other organization in the world that provides food for people who use emergency food programs, like Feed The Children. You can also help out by donating food or your time to your local food bank.

And here’s a cool way to help if you like to garden…

Plant-A-Row • Grow-A-Row has been developed through partnership between Food Banks Canada, the Garden Writers Association, and The Composting Council of Canada. The strength of the program is based on the enthusiasm of gardeners across Canada who love to share their harvest with others.

Now in its fourth gardening season, Plant-A-Row • Grow-A-Row has been encouraging gardeners to plant and grow an extra row of vegetables in their gardens and to donate the harvest to those in need. So far, the efforts of gardeners across Canada have yielded more than one million pounds of fresh produce donations!

Click the images below to learn more…

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing cause! Much better than spending time figuring out April Fool's jokes!

Tom Erdman said...

Sometimes design can feel very self-indulgent because of things we love and want. Food is something everyone needs, and not everyone has enough of. Thanks for using your site for this today....good reminder.

Lauren said...

Great idea- I will def do it!! :)
ps- SO happy April's finally here!!! flowers!!!

janet said...

EXCELLENT post, i love this!!! we are what i consider an average family but it only takes ONE dollar as you said and most of us have that to spare. We constantly donate to the food bank, and our girls have donated thier time at the food bank. I feel nobody in this world should have to go hungry, it breaks my heart.

Maria Killam said...

Wow this was a comprehensive one! Good work!

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