February 26, 2009

Shiny, sparkly, silvery things

Kelly @ JAX Decor & Design

Crea-T-V-T posted an interesting article about a design competition organized by designboom. The theme for this particular competition is Beyond Silver. 3,566 designers from 89 different countries participated – these are just a few of the fabulously creative and beautiful entries. To see more, go here.

Liquid silver – Sono Mocci, Italy (2nd prize)

These plates really do look like candles of silver have melted down and puddled on the table. The flickering flames enhance the wonderful sparkle of the silver. Picture a bunch of these spread around a table… beautiful!!

av liquid silverThe designer says… The silver candle stand has melted. The silver liquid remains on a table and the flame has still winked. This product consists of 2 parts. The silver plate contains removal thin oil tank. The fire lead insert from the small hole of edge on the plate and reach to oil tank. Originally silver is one of the materials with the highest reflectance in every metals. It is the optimal as a light reflector of lighting. The fire of a candle reflects and shins on the body like flowing silver liquid metal. and dinner will be skillfully illuminated by it. Naturally you could use these also as a tableware plate. Enjoy your dinner.

Crop crib – Carl Pickard, UK

This fruit dish is such a fun design. I love words and letters – must be the writer in me!! ;-)

av crop cribThe designer says… This fruit bowl is a cast from solid 925 or plated silver is a collective of common fruit names, namely Apple, Orange, Pear, Plum, Banana and Peach. At an angled glance it has a curious aesthetic. On inspection it combines pop art with the post modern. A 10mm depth to the merged letters give the bowl solidity and strength whilst maintaining a cool to touch sensation. Marked by the maker on the base. Crop Crib is intended to make a statement, in BOLD!

Soap bubble salt & pepper shakers and Bubble candlesticks – Daan Brouwer, Canada

Aren’t these chubby little salt & peppers shakers adorable!? Not sure how practical they would be to use, but who cares – they’re just so darn cute!!

av bubble SP av bubble candle

The designer says… Sculptural sterling silver salt and pepper shakers shaped like soap bubbles.


Set of polished sterling silver candlestick shaped like a tower of stacked bubbles.

Illusion spoon/fork – Kris Yoo, Korea

You may need to look twice to be sure you’re using the spoon for your soup nd the fork for your spaghetti!! I wonder… which side of the plate does each of them go on?? Hmmmm…

av forkThe designer says… Looks don't mean everything. Low tech design is always hard. Usually the form has to be related with the function closely and it gives a lot of restrictions leaving the designer to become a mere stylist in some cases. I tried to use that fact backwards by giving the spoon & fork silverware set a twist putting a mask around the margins. The transparent poly carbonate outer margin is the real function while the silver part inside becomes the illusion. Without careful examination the user may use the illusion spoon as a fork or vice versa.

Spiral cake server & ice cream scoop – Adrian Magu, Australia

The lines of this piece are just so amazingly sexy!! The way they swoop and swirl and intertwine… if I had one of these, I would be eating ice cream and cake every day just so I could look at and hold this server & scoop combo!!

av scoopThe designer says… The Spiral cake server and ice cream scoop is a functional silverware set that draws influence from the forms created by spiraling objects such as sea shells and metal shavings. The designs are simple and clean and are based on a single plane that spirals to create a handle at one end and elegantly twists to create the functional scoop and server at the other. The spiraling scoop extends from the object to its use where the scoop reflects the forms created by the spiraling ice cream while carving into it. The design of the cake server cleverly doubles up as a scoop stand. The cone shaped handle of the server allows the scoop to nestle within it keeping the surface of the table clean even though both utensils have been used. This is convenient as people usually have desserts at different times after a meal, thus eliminating the need to repeatedly clean and wash in-between servings.

Gingami – Yoshifurni Sasamoto, Japan

I don’t know what you would use this for, but it’s fun to look at :-) It seems to have been inspired by a crumpled piece of aluminium foil…

av gamiThe designer says… "Gingami" is a plate with the unevenness. The surface of unevenness is more brilliant than a flat. This dish is designed to take advantage of the characteristics of silver.


Maria Killam said...

Love the sparkly things!! The salt & pepper shakers are the cutest!

Michelle said...

I like a couple of these pieces...the salt and pepper shakers and candlesticks are cute; yay, the designer is Canadian :)

The flame plate is nice as well.

Tom Erdman said...


I'm injured from laughing.

Tom Erdman said...

Some advice please. I'm looking at The Shopping Channel to sell debut designer furniture you might become familiar with. Do you have any experience with them?

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