February 25, 2009

6 Things about… Kelly

OK, here I go… not sure I’m interesting enough to come up with 6 things, but I’ll give it a try!!

shrewsbury 1. According to my dad (who never exaggerates when he tells a story *wink*), my great-grandfather was next-in-line to be the Duke of Shrewsbury. He didn’t want to be “royal”, so he married a cigar-smoking alcoholic bar wench and got himself disowned.

That part of the story is questionable, the rest is true… my great-grandfather was a very successful writer. Most of his books are about technology. He also wrote some books about Canadian geography. In 1910, he traveled the proposed route for the Grand Trunk Railway to scope out the potential of the land. He died of pneumonia when he was quite young (around 45, I think), and great-grandma proceeded to drink away their fortune and sold all his books for booze. She somehow managed to live to a ripe old age of 90-something.

There’s a mountain on the Alberta/BC border named after my great-grandfather, and today many of his books are only found in the Archives in Ottawa. I’m pretty sure this is where my love of writing comes from :-) Luckily, I didn’t inherit great-grandma’s love of cigars and booze ;-)

pizza 2. I LOVE PIZZA. I’ll eat pretty much any kind of pizza with anything on top. I especially love Hawaiian pizza. I also really like Thai pizza. Mmmmm, peanut sauce!! I make homemade pizza from scratch every couple of weeks. I have a great whole wheat crust recipe and a great tomato sauce recipe.

I could eat pizza every day for every meal. And really, it’s the perfect food – I mean, it covers all the food groups, right?? Grain, meat, veggie, dairy… genius!!!

3. I love NCAA college basketball. I keep saying I’m going to ditch Duke as my favourite team every time they choke, but I just can’t!! They’ve been my team since 1991. My most favourite college basketball moment ever was during the NCAA tournament in 1992. Duke was playing Kentucky. The game went into overtime. Kentucky was ahead with about 2 seconds left in overtime. Grant Hill inbounded the ball all the way down the court to Christian Laettner. And then…

4. I don’t have a middle name. My parents didn’t see any point in middle names, so my brother and I didn’t get them. I always feel gypped when I’m filling out form and have to leave the “middle name” line blank. Although a lady I worked with years ago insisted that I did have a middle name and it was Ann. I told her no, I don’t have a middle name. She told me yes you do, and it’s Ann. OK, what-ev-er!!

5. I think the 1993-1998 Mazda MX6 is the sexiest car ever. I love the lines and the fact that it’s sporty without being in-your-face. I bought an MX6 second-hand from my cousin in 1997 and had it for about 5 years. My now-hubby also had an MX6 when I met him. My creative pick-up line was “So, I hear you have an MX6…” :-) Last September, we bought a totally modded and super-sexy 1994 MX6 – SO sweet!!! We named him Sparky :-)

6. And of course, I have to include something décor-related… :-) My living room was an inspiration room on an episode of Rate My Space!!


Now it’s Victoria’s turn – and I’m giving her the responsibility of tagging 6 more bloggers!! :-)


Tom Erdman said...

Thanks for the pizza crust recipe. And, I don't think any of my family married a bar wench, so I feel gypped, but I'll get over it.

Lauren said...

hahah so cool about rate my space!! you kind of sound like every man's dream girl too- you love pizza, basketball & have a favorite car!! :)

Tom Erdman said...

OK, Kelly, this will look wierd to others but you'll know what I mean. So, when I go bar wench hunting, are there better places than others? I'm not sure about Aldi and the wheat flour. I will look and report back.

Karla said...

I could not agree more about pizza!! :) I'll be trying out your recipes for sure!

THANK YOU for the information on the cutlery holder! I was so surprised to see your comment in my inbox today! Thrilled, really! :) You're a rockstar!


Maria Killam said...

Who could know anyone loves pizza that much! That was a fun one! And you're famous as well, who knew!

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