February 10, 2009

Vancouver Interior Design: CondoMania, Part II

Victoria @ Edin Interiors
Do you want to see a great transformation? I love before & afters, don't you?!

In part one of CondoMania I shared a little about Kate - my first client - and some of the design issues found in her new condo. Light maple cabinetry & orange reclaimed wide-planked fir floors, red/grey/black brick 16' high accent wall & brown multi slate fireplace surround... all found together in a beautiful light filled space.

Today - Kate's kitchen make over!! Here are the before pictures I shared with you earlier:

Kate wasn't in a position to gut the kitchen and start from scratch (but that would have been fun!!) so we did the next best thing... we had the cabinets painted... black!

I absolutely LOVE the results! Look how fantastic the cabinets looks against the fir floors... and the orange/rust colours found in the slate backsplash are really highlighted against the black cabinetry, working to tie the floor colour into the overall kitchen scheme. Another benefit... the over-the-range microwave blends right into the cabinets, where before it was quite dominant. Finally, the kitchen no longer hides in the back corner.

Now... we need to paint the walls because the builder beige just isn't doing the space credit!

I could use a little help finding a light grey, actually... maybe you can help?! We've settled on Benjamin Moore's "Silver Fox" for a large wall further into the space (looks great next to the brick!), but I need a complimentary light, soft grey for the remainder of the main floor walls. I tested "Abalone" but it wasn't dark enough (more of a white) and it read a little too lavender. If you have any suggestions, let me know because we're scheduled to paint next Monday!

In the mean time, we have a finish carpenter coming in on Wednesday to install the fireplace surround I designed. I can't wait! I'll be sharing that transformation on Metamorphosis Monday, so make sure you come back!!


Are you looking for a solution for your dated kitchen? Do you want to be filled with pleasure every time you walk into this all important room? Contact me by email and we can discuss your kitchen needs![sigv[3].jpg]


Mom in High Heels said...

I can't wait to see! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You asked about our floors. We are actually in military housing in Germany. It's an apartment actually. Most of the apartments have this kind of floor. It's lovely, but ours haven't been refinished in 9 years (they do it on a 10 year rotation) so they look pretty sad up close. In photos they look fab, but IRL, they are looking sadly worn. They just redid the floors in the apartment below us (after the people moved out) and they look stunning.

Anonymous said...

I wanted repay your visit and boy am I glad I did. I just loved seeing the changes you made. I'm adding you to my blog list so I won't miss anything you post. Come by often, I love making new friends.


Kat said...

Victoria, this looks amazing. I love light maple cabinets (as you know from our kitchen), but the black works so well in this space. I'm sure your friend is thrilled! Can't wait to see the rest, especially the fireplace. Kathy

Porchlight Interiors said...

The black kitchen looks great. Bold transformation, Well done! Hayley

Julie @ Belle Maison said...

the kitchen looks fantastic! wonderful job on transforming it! i love before & afters :)

Kim said...

I love the black cabinets. You did a great job. I'll be back to visit often to see what you are up to :)

Unknown said...

Great transformation. Love the bar stools!

Anonymous said...

Love the minimalist kitchen. Funny I just posted a comment about 2 beautiful black painted kitchens that I love.

Karla said...

I looks so great! I LOVE the way the tiles on the backsplash look now! She's lucky to have your help! Can't wait to see the rest of the condo!

Your comment on the brownie's and corner pan totally made me laugh! LOL! Thanks for that!

Have a great night!


Mrs B said...

As always, a great post! You know I love reading about the design aspect and why you take a certain direction with a room. The black cabinets are look so clean and modern, just perfect for the project. I am looking forward to how you are going to transform the rest of the condo.
Mrs B

DesignTies said...

Thanks everyone!
I'm so excited... today the carpenters were at Kate's place today and now the fireplace half done... the rest will be finished tomorrow. Yep... it's a big job... and I can't wait to share with you all!!! Be sure that you come back on Monday to see the transformation!!

Pearl Maple said...

Followed your link from Sara's Beach Cottage. What a lovely blog you have here full of creative inspiration. Thanks for sharing with us all.

My current decor theme is packing boxes in prep for a move next week to a new condo and really enjoyed your positive themes here.

M2JL :: STUDIO said...

I love the black cabinets! It's soo much better and goes great with the counter. Great job! - Marie

Diane Schuller said...

I really like the contrast of the black and white. Those white bar stools are funky and really add a great visual treat.

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