March 11, 2009

Sexy furniture from qerat… Ooooh-la-la!!!

qerat logoKelly @ JAX Decor & Design

I recently discovered qerat, one of Patricia Gray’s Top 10 New Interior Design Blogs.
OOOOH-LA-LA. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such fabulous and creative wood furniture before!! And the wood… the gorgeous, smooth, supple, exotic wood… I just want to run my hands all over it and feel its silky smoothness!!!

Tareq is the principle of qerat (located in Amman, Jordan), and he also writes the blog. You can read an interview with Tareq at Meade Design Group to learn more about this amazing and talented designer.

These are some of my favourite qerat/Tareq pieces (all pics from qerat).

Apostrophe Table

Tareq came upon the inspiration for this table completely by accident. He meant to make the title of an article he was writing bold with a larger font, but instead he mistakenly clicked another work that happened to have an apostrophe in it. He kept enlarging the apostrophe, and realized that the beautiful and fluid shape of the apostrophe was a table design in the making!!


Exclamation Table

Inspired by—what else—the exclamation mark!! Which just happens to be my favourite punctuation mark :-) It’s made out of natural Ebony & Macassar. Is it wrong to have erotic thoughts about a table?? Because these sexy, curvy lines are just BEGGING me to caress them!!!


Haji Bookcase

This is one funky bookcase!! It’s made from ebonized and natural oak and has thick glass shelves that extend past the sides of the bookcase. Mount this baby on the wall and pile on the books!!


4 Curves Bed

The headboard is made from four concave natural wenge squares. Each square is 1 meter x 1 meter and the total height is 2.40 meters — that’s one big headboard!!


Libra Console

If you read last week’s Hooked On… Circles post, you know that IHEART1CIRCLES. And now you know that wood furniture with curvy lines turns me on… so do I really need to tell you how much I ADORE this super-sexy, curvy console table?! Hot, hot, HOT!!!!! 8-)


Whew!!! After all that swooning, I need to sit down and pull myself together!!!! Maybe on this sleek chair from the Marlene Collection…


…or perhaps the Connie chaise :-)



Paul Anater said...

I'm with you Kelly, that exclamation point table is begging to be rubbed!

Unknown said...

Qerat's work is wonderful. I am so glad that you found him.

Kim said...

The exclamation point table is definitely begging for something ;o)

Julie @ Belle Maison said...

wow - these are some really incredible pieces of furniture! i'm loving that console! oh la la :)

Lisa (aka) French said...

That Table is KILLER!!! French;)

cotedetexas said...

Hi - that company is really something else = so innovative!

thanks so much for your really nice comment!!!
much appreciated!!!!


I have been fan of Tareq since I found him almost year ago. I think he is an undiscovered talent.

Thank you very much for the mention! and for promoting real and authentic talent.

Renae Moore said...

Beautiful just where would one fit into my decor?

Fifi Flowers said...

Wood is beautiful... LOVE the grains and colours and warmth!

qerat said...

Thank you Thank you. What a beautiful post. What can I say. I was away for 4 days in Damascus with ABSOLUTELY NO Internet connection or cell phone (by choice) and now on my first day back at work you surprise me with this. Perfect beginning for the day. You are so kind, thanks again for the beautiful remarks.

qerat said...

Just read the post again and noticed that in my excitement I skipped the part about the Exclamation table :) and yes it is ok to have erotic thoughts about a table :) Our factory manager once called me excited about a table and said he wants to dance with it !!
I caress ALL my pieces all the time :)

Anonymous said...

Got the link to this post through qerat.
I am a great big fan of their work. I wish you could see the pieces for real they really call for you to touch them.
I own several pieces from qerat and only love them more with time.

DesignTies said...

Well, I'm just going to have to see a qerat piece in real life one of these days so I can rub it all I want!!! 8-D

I'm so relieved to know I'm not the only one with this.... ummmm.... unusual urge!!!! :-D


Anonymous said...

Ooooh-la-la indeed :) Tareq is an extremely gifted person, every piece he creates has its special feel. I am very lucky to have some of Tareq's genius creations in my house and beleive me everytime i look at them i fall in love all over again :) its like they are alive !!!!!!!!!!!

Mélanie said...

Wonderful post about a wonderful designer. I would love to see them in reality , to be abble to touch them

Anonymous said...

Love qerat's furniture. I am sure we are buying today the classics of tomorrow.
I have 3 pieces that i love and keep moving around like I move my artwork.

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