March 28, 2009

Just being silly on Saturday

Poor Jackson… 8-)

goofy jax 1

goofy jax 2

Have a goofy Saturday!!



Dumbwit Tellher said...

Priceless photo!

Blair Friedeman said... cute! My dogs would have that hat in shreds within seconds!:)

Maria Killam said...

Happy Saturday to you too!

xinex said...

LOL! soooo cute!...Christine

Bonnie said...

Hi Kelly,
You're doggie is a goofball! So cute!
Thank you for the really nice comments on my blog about my Contemporary Beach House and Barbie's Birthday posts. I really enjoyed creating the beach house and the Barbie one was so fun.
I'm still not sure what photo I want to have for my header... so I took down the original one (which is part of the headboard on one of my antique beds) till I can decide. Your blog looks fabulous! I can only hope mine will grow up to be half as good as yours one day!

mrsben said...

What 'a star' he is! If he could skate, bet he would be a perfect performer for Disney on Ice. :)

Have a great Sunday!

qerat said...

and he accepted to have his picture taken ??? :)

DesignTies said...

Hehehe!! I don't normally approve of dressing up dogs, but the hat was there and Jackson was there and I just had to stick it on his head :-) And yep, he just sat there and let me do it!!


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