March 21, 2009

It’s a Such a Small Blog World…

DSC01345 At the great risk of over-tooting my own horn, I absolutely MUST share this next piece of news from Paul Anater at Kitchen and Residential Design… Paul’s blog post on my infamous archway remodel titled “This is how a renovation should be done” has been picked up by the Chicago Sun-Times and printed – word-for-word & picture-for-picture – in one of their suburban publications the Naperville Sun!

How cool is that? My little archways in a newspaper spread for suburban Chicago readers to peruse over their morning coffee!!

A super big Thank You – again, and again if necessary(!!!) - to Paul for showcasing my archway remodel!!

And if any readers of the Naperville Sun make their way to our little blog because of Paul’s re-published article, and if they’re reading this particular little blurb right now… Kelly and I Welcome You!! There’s a lot more to us then archways ;-) so I hope you’ll browse and read all that we have to share!!

Victoria at Edin Interiors

P.S. When I asked my son what I should call this post he said “One step closer to taking over the world!” Hmmm… maybe not! :-)


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Congratulations Victoria. You and Kelly really are about to take over the world. I am so happy for you. This is such a compliment and I don't think you should have kept it quiet. Just scream it to all the world. Love it. Hugs, Marty

Mrs B said...

Hi Victoria
I agree...scream it out loud, this is your moment to really feel a sense of great accomplishment. I am so glad I have had the priviledge to be a reader of your blog ever since you and kelly started blogging. Your journey has been amazing in such a short time. This is just so exciting...Yippeeee!
Mrs B

Tiaa @ EYInteriors said...

Congratulations, Victoria! I must say, I agree with your son! :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations ... it's a great example of how great design and content will find its way out into the world now we have the blogosphere! I am thrilled for you.

Kat said...

Congratulations Victoria! And I think your son has the right idea lol. Truly, you know how much I love what you are doing with your home, and I agree that this is how renovation should be done! Kathy


Congratulations Victoria and Kelly, This is becoming a common occurrence over here on your fabulous blog! I just hope you remember your old blogger friends! LOL


Maria Killam said...

How fun is that! Wow! We'll all be famous together :)
Couple of stars you girls at Design ties are!!

Maria Killam said...

This is also a good example of how people LOVE before's and afters!

Great work!

Free Art Printables said...

Congrats! I am right near NAperville and am going to have to check it out!

janet said...

Congrats girl, you have famous actually im so very happy for you.

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