March 8, 2009

Everybody Loves a Kitchen Remodel!

by Victoria @ Edin InteriorsButterfly

Before we get to our Metamorphosis Monday transformation, there's one small detail we need to take care of... naming our giveaway winner!! Go here to see who the lucky winner of Matt's painting is :-)

Kelly and I really enjoy participating in Metamorphosis Mondays… a big thanks to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting this fun event every week!

Once you’ve checked out my transformation I encourage you to make your way back to Susan’s blog so that you can link up to other great bloggers and their fun and often dramatic metamorphoses!

I LOVE kitchen remodels… doesn’t everyone?!

Perhaps I should clarify. I love every aspect involved in remodelling a kitchen. I love planning the project and designing a kitchen’s layout; I love choosing materials like lighting, cabinets, tiles & all the solid surfaces; I love demolition and – of course – I love putting it all back together piece by piece. What about you? I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you love the transformations but can do without the stressful, messy process :-) Then again, many of you are like me and enjoy getting completely involved!!

My first full kitchen remodel was in our previous home; a condo built in the 80s and filled with not-so-lovely 80s finishings!

Here’s a photo of our kitchen before the remodel:

Kitchen - old aps and lights

Before we even decided for sure that we’d remodel the space we painted the walls in a terrific green (Ashwood, Behr – which we used as a jump-off point for our new kitchen’s colour scheme), installed crown moulding and purchased stainless steel appliances. But it just wasn’t enough! I little persuasive discussion with Brian and a trip to the bank… we were remodelling!

The first thing to go from the space… the oak flooring. I really liked the floor but at some point there had been a dishwasher leak and segments of the floor had rotted. It had to go. My plan = tile floor!

[06.10] Kitchen Reno 1

Unfortunately I had to work the day that the cabinet install guys came in – they removed the old cupboards and installed the new ones and I couldn’t watch!! I was totally disappointed (i.e., I couldn’t supervise: haha!). But when I returned home later that day I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was with everything! Of course we were far from done… apart from the counter install, all the labour from this point forward would be our own.

And the first thing we did… the floors!

Those of you who read my 6 Things post know the story of my first tiling job. Well… this was THAT tile job! Brian and I laid an anti-fracture membrane on the cement floor and then we did a dry-lay of my floor design. It was going to look fantastic! The next day Brian mixed the mortar and, to my surprise, set me to work trawling the mortar and setting tiles! I was afraid at first, but before you know it I was tiling up a storm!!

Here’s a photo of our dry-lay (test run)… we were using a lovely porcelain tile that looked like stone in an off-set pattern. It’s hard to see in this test-run photo, but I incorporated a slate (China Multi) trim detail too.

[06.10] Kitchen Reno 3

And here’s the galley-section of the finished floor!

Kitchen Floor

Yep… I tiled and grouted everything you see!!

I also tiled the eating area with a slate trim detail to define the space.

[06.11.09] Kitchen Reno 7

Next… the counters were installed. I opted to go with a quartz solid surface called SileStone in “Brazilian Brown” with a European profile (a thin slab [like a single sheet of real stone] rather then thick sided [two sheets laminated together along the counter edges]). I loved these counters and woulBacksplash Mock-upd highly recommend quartz to anyone!!!

With the counters installed, we could finally tile the backsplash.

I want to share this funny picture… to be sure my tile pattern plan would work above the sink I cut out paper tiles and stuck them on the wall!!! :-)

Choosing the tile for the backsplash, designing how it would be laid out and – eventually – laying the tile (i.e., seeing my vision materialize) was so much fun!

The tile I chose – a tumbled travertine marble… take a look at the finished detailing over the sink:

Finished Kitchen 5

Yes :-) I tiled and grouted this, too!

And now for the final results…

Shaker style cabinets are a Cherry with a “Sugar” stain.

Kitchen 1



I hope you enjoyed my Condo’s kitchen remodel!

If you liked this transformation you’ll have to come back in a few weeks to see the metamorphosis of my current kitchen! I’m putting the final touches on things, but I’ll share it soon! :-)

Now… head back to Susan’s Between Naps on the Porch for more metamorphoses!!


janet said...

Victoria, i could never see these pictures enough, absolutely beautiful!!! hubby has mentioned tonight that he wants to tile our kitchen backsplash,,,,EEEEEK this terrifies me as it seems so permanent. i may call upon you to view my samples when i do bring some home, my judge so to speak

Michelle, All Home and Love said...

This is a beautiful kitchen! You must have been so happy with it. I can't wait to see the new one.

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Wow...there are no words to describe how fabulous this turned out!!! Everything works so beautifully together! And what a tremendous increase in value to your home! I know you must love cooking in this space. I especially love the backsplash...just beautiful! Thanks for sharing this great kitchen remodel...awesome Met Monday post! Susan

KBeau said...

Great job. It must be so rewarding to put in so much "sweat" equity.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh Victoria, you do such great work, and the pictures are just gorgeous of the finished kitchen. I love all the detail that you added to every level. Just stunning. Hugs, Marty

Paul Anater said...

Victoria, fantastic transformation!

LaurenFaythe said...

I can't believe you did all that yourself! It looks terrific!

susan said...

The details make the difference--great job!

Anonymous said...

Wow- a designer kitchen! I bet you cook up a storm now that you have such an awesome place!!


Linda in AZ * said...

WOW, what a DIFFERENCE!!!~~~ What a HUUUUGE difference!!! (So BEAUTIFUL, just WONDERFUL!). What a joy it must be to see, and benefit from, the fruits of your many labors to create something this wonderful! KUDOS! Warmly, Linda

Lisa (aka) French said...

Great makeover;) Love the backsplash!! French;)

Anonymous said...

Victoria! How beautiful! What a difference in your kitchen! Everything is so lovely! Waa! I want a new kitchen like yours! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

xinex said...

Wow! You and your hubby did a fantastic job! What a transformation!...Christine

DesignTies said...

Thanks so much everyone! My husband and I loved this kitchen and - even though we've built an even better kitchen in our little bungalow (I'll share it with everyone in about a month or so... be sure to come back!) - we miss it from time to time. :-)
All the best!

kari and kijsa said...

Love this remodel- the floors are beautiful!! Perfect make-over!
kari & kijsa

Unknown said...

Love it!

Domestic Designer said...

Love it. I especially like the floors. Have a great day!

qerat said...

Lovely kitchen what a difference.
thanks for the comment and congratulations on being on Patricia top 10 list. Love your blog, no wonder Patricia likes it so much.

You have a new fan :)

Chandy said...

Gorgeous! Great choice to share for today! Happy Monday!

Mom in High Heels said...

I love it! The tile work is stunning. I love the coices and details.

Just A Girl And Her Craftsman Bungalow said...

love this

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I think you're right--who can resist a kitchen remodel? I love before and afters, and this is a great one! It's hard to believe it's the same room.

Linda Q said...

Beautiful kitchen redo, love it!
Linda Q

Unknown said...

Great remodel. What happened to those cute multi colored chairs?

Charlene said...

WOW what a difference that made! I love the tile work! And the cabinets. I have white ones & I like them for the clean bright look. And I do a lot of flower/gardeniny decorating but, yours looks so warm & upscale. Hmmmm Am I up to this? I am thinking between the bathroom that "Honey" wants re-done & the kitchen re-do I am thinking about... maybe we should sell & build again. :0

Maria Killam said...

Great step by step plan for the kitchen! I still think the do-it-yourself-tiling is incredible! Good job!


Stunning! Tile Work - :)

Karla said...

Wow, Victoria! It is SO pretty! I'm jealous - we have yet to do a kitchen remodel. I can't wait to get into the nitty-gritty of it!! You did an awesome job. The floor is stunning with the borders that you did! I think my favorite is your back splash and the detail above the sink. Gorgeous!!

Thanks for the birthday wish! :)

~Karla @It's The Little Things...

Lauren said...

WOW!!! It looks so great!!! I LOVE the floor mosaic "rugs" -- beautiful.

Tiaa @ EYInteriors said...

Incredible! You did an amazing job!

mrsben said...

What an improvement! Agree with your choice of Quartz for the countertop(s). From what I've researched; very wise. Also, when viewing the pictures I thought at first it was a slate flooring and kind of grimaced. Reason: why I have been looking at flooring for the kitchen area on two separate occasions I have had two complete strangers tell me NOT to get it. They shared their (horror) stories with me. :) (Thank you strangers!) As I am considering porcelain tiling as well, may I ask how do you like it? (I currently have ceramic terra-cotta
flooring. Find it easy to maintain however over time it has chipped and cracked in places.) Thanks too for the heads-up about the risk of using H/W flooring in the kitchen.
(As I don't have a blog wud appreciate if you wish to answer, that you just post it here.)

Anonymous said...

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Kitchen Worktops said...

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