April 26, 2009

A Little More Condomania (i.e., Part IV)

I’ve had so much fun sharing the transformation of my client Kate’s condo with you! First there was the makeover of Kate’s kitchen – from light maple to gorgeous, sleek black – followed by the complete remodel of a not-so-special fireplace into an urban contemporary masterpiece (it’s too FAB to be humble about!!). Apart from showing you a small craft project I did for a wall next to Kate’s kitchen, I haven’t updated you on our progress for some time.

DSC01573 Since the completion of the fireplace we’ve painted the ceiling and walls (with the exception of a couple of walls in the bedroom/loft area [I’ll speak more on that further down] and the upstairs bathroom [we’ll do that in the next few weeks]). The ceiling and 17’ wall (shown in the photo to the right) were extremely challenging for our painter, but he did a fantastic job! The Benjamin Moore paint colours we chose = Silver Fox on the 17’ wall and on the entrance wall shown in the photo DSC01542to the right, and Abalone on the ceiling and the other walls in the condo. The difference between the two colours is subtle and that’s what I was aiming for – I wanted to create a sense of depth and contrast without taking attention away from the fireplace on one half of the condo and the kitchen on the other.

We also painted the powder room found behind the door to the left – I used Benjamin Moore’s Spanish Olive (previously Beach Glass); a nice soft yet fresh green, the accent colour we’re using on the main floor. Sorry… no pic!

Brad the Painter Guy

I DO have a photo of my painter, Bradford… my brother! He’s a fantastic artist and musician – not just a painter of walls – and I plan on writing a post about him as soon as he gets his website up. Come on Brad… get moving!! I love this photo of him with a paint brush in his headband and “war paint” on his cheek – it honours his creativity, personality and our Aboriginal heritage!

But I digress… :-)

Right now, though, we’re in the process of ordering wallpaper for Kate’s bedroom!! I love wallpaper and I’m so excited that Kate has agreed to let me hang some in her space.

Here are a couple of photos showing her bedroom and the walls I’ll paper:


Can you see that the ceiling is a different colour from the walls? That’s Abalone grey you’re looking at. These walls are still builder beige – I’ll prime them in the paper’s background colour before it’s hung on the wall. The room is obviously a work in progress so don’t judge it just yet!! By the way… the stairs to the lower level are behind the headboard. The room looks down into the living room with a glass railing around two sides of the space.

The colour scheme for this space?

Purple, Grey/Silver and Orange!

Kate found this fabulous pillow for her bed that will be perfect for the room and she’ll hang a large picture of her beautiful pup Sanja on the wall (here’s a photo of Sanja and my doggie Simon [on the right]). So… Purple & Orange. :-)

DSC01571 [05.12] Simon & Sanja

Now comes the part where you get to help us pick the wallpaper! We have a few favourites – and I’ll tell you which ones they are – but we’d appreciate your comments and thoughts on our shortlisted options! The papers we’re looking at are designed and made by Anderson Prints and are distributed here in Canada by Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics

From The Jazz Collection

retro flower purple45025_WQ_Pic2.tif

I’m not keen on the shade of purple in this paper… but I LOVE IT in black and white. If Kate decided on the B&W version of this paper we’d up the purple accents in the space. It could totally work with her new pillow and would look wonderful with the large picture of Sanja that she wants to hang.

ogee damask© 1997-2002 Stockbyte™ All rights reserved  Contact: Stockbyte™  Freephone Ireland 1800 379 379 United Kingdom 0800 90 91 90 United States 1800 660 9262 Universal Freephone 00800 7862 2983  United States Phone 011 353 66 7149300 Fax 011 353 66 7180376  International Phone ++353 66 7149300 Fax ++353 66 7180376  Web  email    This image may only be used by a licensed user, it may not be reproduced without licensing the appropriate Stockbyte™ high resolution CD or image. License available at  If you have any questions regarding the terms of the license, contact  Stockbyte™ before use.

This paper has the purple that Kate wants with a grey that works with the Silver Fox colour found on her large wall, visible across the stairs from her headboard. They didn’t have a photo of the paper on a wall, that’s why you’re looking at the paper in blue. Not a bad pattern, but it’s not our favourite. And I can’t see it with Kate’s new pillow or her picture of Sanja.

From The Moda Collection

Flower with Outline Flower with Outline in Room

LOVE IT! I think that this might be Kate’s favourite, too, although I’m not 100% sure. It’s absolutely perfect with her pillow and, with the right frame, could work with the photo of Sanja. Yes, it’s dark… but if you take a look at the room again you’ll see that it’s extremely bright… she can get away with dark paper!

Leaf Leaf in Room

LOVE this one too! Unfortunately Anderson Prints website didn’t have a photo of the grey & purple in a room-view so you have to judge the pattern size and overall look of the paper in dark grey & orange. I really like the size of the leaves… very dramatic. The light grey background would also be perfect with the wall/ceiling colours. Finally, I think Kate’s new pillow and her photo of Sanja could work with this paper. Problem… I know that Kate isn’t as crazy about this paper as I am. If you like it, let us know!! Maybe your love will encourage her!!

Sunflower Ogee Sunflower Ogee in Room

Finally, Sunflower Ogee. There’s no doubt that the paper is beautiful… but I have to say that I’m not over the moon about this one. I like the tone-on-tone black prints, but I’m not loving the large purple flowers. The colours would work with Kate’s pillow… not sure about the picture of Sanja. I’m also not sure of Kate’s opinion of this paper… I hope she doesn’t like it more then the three I’m loving from above!!


Okay… now it’s time for you to share you thoughts on our paper options! There’s no doubt that Kate has shortlisted some bold prints but she’s looking to create an urban contemporary feel to her space and I feel strongly that these designs will lend to that affect. She’ll be ordering the paper this Tuesday so time is of the essence; get your comments in!! :-)

I’ll update you as we make more progress!

Victoria from Edin Interiors


Kat said...

My favorites are the retro flower in black and white or the grey with the purple leaves. And the more I look at them and read what you want to do with the room, the more I'm leaning toward the grey/purple leaves. Now you have my two cents! Kathy

Lauren said...

I thikn my favrotie is the first one- the black & white flowers!! but there are lots of pretties!!!

Jewel Sauls said...

My first instinct was the black and white (because that's what I liked best), but I really think for the look Kate is going for the grey with purple leaves is the best. My least favorite is the one with big purple flowers. As a Victorian house owner, I'm not shy about dark paper, but that one turns me off. I think the grey would be a nice background for anything in the colors you mentioned. :D Jewel

Louisette passion retriever, cat, memory Katanga said...

Lovely blogs design.

mrsben said...

Leaf, grey 'n purple! I do like the black 'n white however I feel if one was feeling under-the-weather they may not find it so appealing.
(On occasion I have problems with Vertigo and when I saved and enlarged the pattern with my Editing Program, I said "oh dear, not for me".)

Colour me Happy said...

I like the one with the orange leaves! No surprise there :)

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