August 30, 2010

Magic Carpet Ride!

DSCF0835_thumbI really, really want rugs for my dining room and living room!

Of course I’m faced with frugal hubby’s fiscal management plans supporting his very logical insistance that we get our renovations completed before we purchase furnishings for the house. Don’t you hate logic?!

What I want for the dining room (right) is something graphic in a fresh green. Maybe a trellis design… or perhaps a quatrefoil design… or maybe a chevron design… or what about off-kilter stripes? Have I narrowed it down enough?

Here are a few pics of what I’m imaging…

ballard balerma rug 4d403f52c84f

LOVE this chevron print rug… now image it in a fresh green!


And… I’m CRAZY about these off-kilter stripes… in a fresh green of course!! This rug (and the sweet pets) belong to Nicole from Making it Lovely. That china cabinet in the background? Built in. How fantastic, hey? Be sure to head over to Nicole’s place and take a closer look!!

making it lovely

Which of these 4 designs to you like best?

For my living room… well, that’s a trickier decision!!

I’m lusting over this Weavers Art rug!

My living room and dining room are partially connected. What do you think about a graphic rug in one space and a patterned rug like the one below in the other?

scan0001 The the pattern/design of the rug is a nice mix of traditional & contemporary style with a lovely and important touch of whimsy: perfect for the look I’m trying to achieve in my little house… and the colours are terrific, too.

Of course finding something like this in the right size for both of these rooms AND at the right price will be a challenge!

Believe me, I’ve been looking and looking for the perfect rugs. With the living room in mind = I’ve seen a few that I like, but nothing that I love enough to bring home.

With area rugs on the brain I decided to do a little internet searching to see what other kinds of rugs I could find to share with our DesignTies readers.


Which one(s) do you like?



Living Etc 2

White bright bold living room green designer sofa rug orange coffee table  L etc 06/2007 pub orig

Open plan grey through lounge living room dining room silver sofas decorative purple rug coffee table pendant lamp shades assorted cushions real home L etc 09/2007 pub orig

A little Purple for Kelly!



White living room floral busy sofa cushions glass table swival chair polished tiled flooring striped black and white rug L etc 11/2007 Pub Orig

Living Etc 12


Living Etc 3

Living room large floor to ceiling windows Geoffrey Drayton designer sofa vintage design wallpaper antique chandelier Vivienne Westwood rug stained glass windows French sofa Jenny Lyn rocker chair real home L etc 04/2008 not used

To finish off this exploration post of area rugs, let me share another rug I found this evening that I could fall in love with for my living room… or maybe it’s the overall feel of the room, I can’t tell! Just my style.


Wish me luck in my rug search!!


August 27, 2010

Have a fun-in-the-surf-and-sun kind of weekend!!

Kate from manningroad asked if I have any pictures of the dogs playing in the ocean in Nova Scotia. I just so happen to have LOADS of pictures!! Here are some of them…

These first two were taken by my friend Carol — just part of the pack of 20 dogs!! From left to right: Strider, Flip, Kiwi, Jackson, and Spouky.

carol dogs 2

From left to right (sort of): Snap, Kiwi, Skye, Strider, Voodoo, Spouky, and Jackson.

carol dogs 3

Flip chasing Jackson chasing Squirt…

pr dogs running RS

Jackson, Squirt, and Kiwi chasing a stick…


Jackson and his little buddy Flip…

jax flip RS

Squirt and Jackson… splish-splash!!

JS running RS

JS running away RS

B throwing stick

splash RS

splash stick RS

sharing stick RS

squirt running 3 RS

squirt running 2 RS

squirt 7 RS

This is low tide — at high tide, the water completely covers the sand on the left the picture.

squirt 5 RS

squirt 2 RS

Squirt getting nailed by a big wave – hehehehehe!!

squirt in waves RS

Sticks are fun!!

squirt in water with stick RS

jax stick RS

gb squirt in water cool tail RS

in the waves RS

Don’t make me share…

got the stick RS

got the stick 2 RS

Well then, I’ll just get two of my own…

squirt two sticks RS

A couple of big shakes…

gb squirt shaking RS

jax face shake RS

…and a roll in the sand…

S sand RS

That was fun!!

squirt drippy chin RS

jax RS

Ahhh, to be a dog playing in the ocean!!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering if the humans had fun too…

eastern star ride

Why, yes, we did!! :-)

Have a happy fun-in-the-surf-and-sun weekend!!


August 23, 2010

Funky footprints in the sand

Are they in the sand or coming out of the sand?? Check out this picture hubby took… looks like footprints in the sand, yes??

footprints imprint

Now turn it 90 degrees — does it look like the footprints are protruding out from the sand now??

feet raised RS

A few more sand shots, just for the heck of it :-) Did I mention that we were in NS with not only Squirt & Jackson, but 18 other dogs?!

paws in sand 3 RS

paws in sand RS

Bird prints…

sand bird footprints

Some artsy sand shots…

sand and ripples RS

sand at K beach sand dollar sand RS sand water

pebbles on beach

And no Kelly post would be complete without some purple!! Yep, I found purple seaweed on the sand!!

purple seaweed RS

Let me know if the footprints in the sand optical illusion worked for you :-)