August 6, 2010

Summer replay: Grab your swimsuit, it’s a pool party!!

poolhouse elizabeth dinkel VL

Originally posted in May, but it’s soooo August!! =)

Weeehoooo, it’s Friday!!! And it’s May, and it’s warm, and summer’s not far away… what more could you ask for?! Oh, I know — how about a party… a pool party!! :-)

We’re lucky enough to have a family cottage that’s right on a small lake. So every weekend all summer long, I have a huge swimming pool right there in the front yard :-) But if we didn’t have the cottage on a lake, I would most definitely have to have a swimming pool in the backyard. And you can’t have a swimming pool without a pool house!! Well, OK, you can — but work with me here… :-)

Today, it’s all about pools, pool houses, and houses with pools. So grab your bathing suit and a bottle of sun block, and let’s go take a dip!! We’ll start things off with these pretty pool houses…

Pool House botanica atlanta poolhouse behnkedoherty pool house A-M

A timber frame pool house…

pool house homestead timberframes 2

pool house homestead timberframes

A rustic looking pool house…

poolhouse pool by design

And contemporary pool houses…

COOP 15 Architecture- Kaneko Pool House

poolhouse outnext 2 poolhouse outnext

Pretty white pool house posted on Willow Decor

poolhouse willow decor poolhouse 3 willow decor

Views from inside some pool houses…

pool house homme and design

pool house ville-esclusive

This charming pool house belongs to Brooke (from Velvet & Linen) & Steve Giannetti….

poolhouse gianettis

Steve designed this cedar shingle pool house for a client…

poolhouse steve gianetti

And one more Giannetti design…

VL pool 1

Pool houses at night

pool_house minday

poolhouse_1 sonoma studiopoolhouse_2 sonoma studioPoolHouseNight soa utexas edu

A pool gazebo

gazebo trendir 1

Giving the term “pool house” a whole new meaning!! I’ll be moving in when I win the lottery… ;-)

pool willow decor

Pool digs digs

pool arkinetia

Views of Jorge Hrdina's house at Terrigal.

pool home design find

The following houses were designed by Hillery Priest Architecture in New Zealand

Pool hillery priest co nz 1

Pool hillery priest co nz 2.PNG

remuera-house home design find

remuera-house home design find 2

Pool hillery priest co nz 3

Pool hillery priest co nz 4

Pool hillery priest co nz 5

Who needs a house — I’ll just take the pool!!

pool digs digs 2

This amazing negative edge pool won the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) 2008 Residential Design Honor Award. It was designed by Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture for the Bassil Mountain Escape in Faqra, Lebanon.

negative-edge-swimming-pool_1 home design find

negative-edge-swimming-pool_2 home design find

negative-edge-swimming-pool_3 home design find

negative-edge-swimming-pool_4 home design find

negative-edge-swimming-pool_5 ASLA

Don’t have a pool house?? Or a house with a pool?? Or a view of the ocean?? No problem — take a holiday at the Maia Luxury Resort in the Seychelles. You know that saying, if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it?? You don’t want to know. But I’ll tell you anyway… rates range from (CDN) $3,900 to $6,540. PER NIGHT. But that DOES include a fruit basket and a free daily newspaper ;-)

maia 1

maia 5 maia 2 maia 3 maia 4

maia 7

maia-luxurious-resort-in-the-seychelles home design find

maia-luxurious-resort-in-the-seychelles-3 home design find

If you like pool houses, you might like sunrooms too



xinex said...

Oh Kelly, those pools and pool houses are to die for....Christine

Christy said...

Wow this is an amazing collection of images...perfect inspiration for the pool house I hope to build one day!!

Misti of Studio M Designs said... my next life. These are drop dead gorgeous! My favorite are the rustic, cozy ones with nice.


Linda in AZ * said...

* I don't know WHICH was more EXCITING, ENTICING or ENCHANTING ~~~ the pools n' poolhouses, the views, the photography or thinking of HOW the architects/designers came up w/ some of their fabulous "visions-turned-realities"! Magnificent!!! Thank you!!! Linda in AZ *

Linda in AZ * said...

* OH! I just went back to enjoy "one more peek", and saw that one of the pool houses was that of "OUR MISS BROOKE(s)" (and her Steve, of course!)~~~ Gee, they're "goooood"!!! Smiles!!!*

A Beach House Dreamer said...

Oh, oh. A pool is so part of my dream, especially the infinity version that just has ocean written all over it.

Terry said...

This is just cruel showing these places. I mean, how am I going to sleep tonight? I think I'm voting for Brooke's. I think it would fit in my backyard.


I have a pool house envy! :)

Jenny said...

Those pics are awesome and I don't even like to swim!

Porchlight Interiors said...

Simply stunning! Have a great weekend! Tracey xx

Sarah said...

Oh my thanks for all the eye candy!! The negative edge pool actually makes me feel a little dizzy looking at it! I love all the pool houses with outdoor fireplaces, perfect for a cool evening after a long day of lounging and swimming. Ah the life!!

mrsben said...

Unusual for me to be at a loss of words.....but...... OH WOW!!!! -Brenda-

mrsben said...

ooops meant to say....'to be at a loss FOR words..... (It's late here.)

Mrs. Petrie said...

It was 93F today. I'd pretty much kill for a pool like one of those at this point! ;p

Maria Killam said...

Wow, those houses and pools are absolutely stunning! Thanks for the completely comprehensive post!

Jenelle at This Lady Blogs said...

Wow. That was an incredible tour! Thanks for all the pictures! It definitely made me want to spend thousands of dollars on a luxury vacation somewhere warm. Oh, and then win the lottery. :)
To see some pictures of the OTHER kind of pool (the big, big LAKE kind of pool), check out my post today (with a giveaway). :)

Still Learning said...

I have always had a pool. So relaxing but mine sure have never been as grand as those. Great pictures!

Michelle said...

Such great images...I'll be saving some of those to my idea file. I dream of having a pool! Isn't Brooke amazing!

BTW...your page is taking quite a while to load...I put mine down to 5 posts, and it's much faster.


amariaf2000 said...

I'll gladly live in the pool house! My in-laws have pools at their homes and that is one of things we look forward to the most when visiting...vegging by the pool!! So much fun! I love pools!!! :-) This is a great post!
~angela @ peonypatch

Gayle said...

Wow! Those are incredible! Thanks for sharing those lovely pool houses and pools with us today! Something to day dream about!

Pauline Wiles said...

Oh, I could take such a happy nap in the rustic pool house (near the top of the pics). They Seychelles wouldn't be a total hardship either !

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I'll take that rustic pool house!!! So quaint.

Tricia said...

Oh, water. A cottage by the water.
You are a lucky girl.
The pool photos are fantastic!
A rustic or cottagey pool house. My heart skips a beat.
Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for stopping by "The Zoo".
Have a great weekend.

Fifi Flowers said...

Great pool collection! I have swimsuits on my blog for all your pools... FUN!
Bon week-end!

Sofia Striffler said...

Wow those are great. I am looking for a outdoor room after we demolish the old sunroom. Any suggestions.

Outside The Lines said...

An incredible collection of paradise!

Lindsay said...

Ohhh, I can't wait for pool weather! What great pictures to get you ready for summer! I'd love to have a pool house like Velvet and Linen's!

Daly Essentials said...

STUNNING!!!! those are some amazing pics. Sadly I have no pool, I'm just excited about having rooftop access to my apartment!

Puna said...

That infinity pool at the top of the mountain is amazing!

Mary Beth said...

Yowza! (I think I said that last week also but YOU always have the best photos) I can imagine myself in any of those pictures-relaxing, enjoying the water....ahhh...wait, is that one of my did they find me....quick, hide me....snap...too late...they saw me...oh well, it was fun while it lasted. : )

Suzy Homemaker said...

I love the pools and poolhouses, as long as they come with a pool guy to clean them. I especially like Steve's cedar shingled ones..
Thanks for the visit,

DesignTies said...

Good point about the pool guy -- I should have included a few pics pool guy pics too!! Maybe next Friday :-)

Thanks everyone for checking out our pool party :-) Whether you have a pool or not, hope you all have a great weekend!! :-)


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Oh. My. Gosh. These are all STUNNING. Thanks for giving me something to dream about today. Love these!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

scrumpdilyisuous!! What a tremendous selection of pools and houses. I wanna go swimming now!

The Animator's Wife said...

Love that rustic one, but so many inspiring choices. I feel like I want to add something new to my list of things to covet with each visit I make here!

Velvet and Linen said...

Kelly, you are such a love to include our work in your amazingly comprehensive post. I have never seen such a gorgeous group of pool houses. I feel like I'm on vacation!
I can't thank you enough for including our designs.


ImagineCozy said...

Talk about WOW! Those are some amazing views. It felt good just looking at them.

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

Oh wow, that is a lot of eye candy! I think I could afford a night or two at Maia Luxury Resort...YA RIGHT! IN MY DREAMS!! So beautiful though!

jilly said...

those pool houses are bigger than my actual house, and i certainly couldn't fit one of those pool houses in my garden. i can only dream......

mrsben said...

Kelly, what are doing living in the climate that we are? Are we nuts? :)
Great selection, gorgeous images. -Brenda-

Marcus Design said...

Yummy! I'll take any one of these please! I love pictures of pools at dusk with all the pretty lights on, so lovely!!

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