April 2, 2009

Renee’s New Painting!

On March 1st DesignTies teamed up with abstract artist Matt LeBlanc to give away a unique, beautiful and original painting to one of our readers… all they had to do was come up with a name that captured the essence of the piece (click here to read about our giveaway). It was so exciting for us… our first blog giveaway was a FAB painting!!

So many fantastic names were submitted that it was a real challenge for the 3 judges to come to a unanimous decision! In the end it came down to a submission that 2 of 3 judges liked…

Worn - submitted by Renee at Cottage Lifestyle

Announcing the winner in our March 8th post was a real thrill for us!

330 005But not as much of a thrill as it is to actually see the painting hung in Renee’s attic “hang-out” room!!

Renee writes (here) that she uses this top-floor space in her cottage to “quilt, blog, watch TV, Wii, read, and dream.”

We love how Matt’s art looks on Renee’s wall – the juxtaposition of the painting with her neighbourhood view is perfect; like they were meant to sit next to one another! We can totally imagine Renee sitting in this window, dreaming about… well… all the stuff she dreams about! :-)

How great to see where Renee has hung the painting in her lovely home!

We had so much fun with this giveaway that we definitely plan to do it again sometime soon. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Matt will partner up with us again!! Keep coming back for news…

Renee – we’re happy you love your new painting and that it’s now living in special part of your home!!

Kelly & Victoria

Kelly wrote a great post about Matt LeBlanc’s wonderful work – check it out! Of course you can always head straight to Matt’s personal site (click here) where you’ll find even more fabulous art!!


qerat said...

Beautiful Painting
Looks good at Renee's place

Cottage Lifestyle said...

Kelly and Victoria, I do love how it looks next to the fabulous old building next door. My home is 102 years old so I am guessing that the building next door is close to 100 as well. So "WORN" has found a good home in a very worn neighborhood.

Cottage Lifestyle

Kat said...

This really does look perfect here, so I guess I'll try not to be too jealous lol. What a fun giveaway, and tell Matt to cook up something hot in red for me to win! Kathy

Maria Killam said...

Well Isn't that fun to see the art up in it's rightful place!

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