April 12, 2009

How do YOU define Interior Design?

Some of you may have read that I was scheduled to take a Colour Theory course with Maria Killam (Colour me Happy) as instructor. Unfortunately because enrolment in the spring semester was lower then normal, the course was cancelled. I was definitely disappointed but plan to enrol in the course when it’s offered next fall!!Picture1

But good news!! After a little telephone tag I finally connected with the Program Assistant for VCC’s Interior Design Program I discovered that there was another course that I could apply my credited fees to - Design Basics: An introduction to the field of Interior Design.

I’m excited to be taking this course!

My first day was last Thursday… and my first assignment: to define design.

I actually have to formally “present” my definition and I’ve started to pull together some visuals and physical materials (papers & fabric representing form, contrast, texture, pattern, colour), I’ve done some research and taken a few pages of notes (gotta pair it down!), and I’m going to try some sketches for my presentation (that’s a scary thing for me ‘cause I can’t draw!)… maybe a floor plan or two to represent space-planning, scale and flow… hmmm…

As I’ve been brainstorming and researching I found myself wondering how my blogger friends would define design. So… I’m passing this challenge on to each of you… I hope you’ll respond! :-)

How would you Define Design?

Victoria from Edin Interiors


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I guess the one thing that defines good design for me is balance. In every good design there is always a sense of balance. You will always find balance in nature. The world was created by a design master. When I walk into a room and the balance is off, I feel off kilter. Good luck with your class. I'm looking forward to your future posts.

qerat said...

:) no you wont be getting any help here. after many years in the design field I still cannot define it.
But I will risk going public with what I will say. It is designing a lifestyle that is powered by good taste & a good eye that was trained by looking at beautiful things created by the greatest artists that ever lived mixed with a bit of psychology that stems from a bit of understanding of psychotherapy which sometimes reaches high levels of even marriage councelling :)
I did not answer your question and I hope you do not use that in class !!

Paul Anater said...

I define it as finding new and intelligent ways for form to support function. Good luck in your class and let SketchUp do your drawing for you!

Michelle said...

Tareq...well said!

Design is both a science and an art...I think that's what makes the field so difficult, because you are trying to use both sides of your brain at the same time...often oil and water.

I agree with Paul; SketchUp is the way to go, although, the learning curve in the beginning can have you spending more time learning a new software than designing. Learn to draft :)

Congrats on your new endevor! Let us know how it is going :)


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