April 7, 2009

Neighbourhood Tour Series: Granville Island & False Creek South


Welcome back to Vancouver, BC Canada!

I have so many photos I don’t know where to begin!

False Creek south wasn’t always a beautiful, desirable place to live like it is now. At one time it was the industrial heartland of Vancouver with sawmills, small port operations and railways. Over time industry moved out of the area, but left behind deteriorating buildings and deep environmental wounds. With a great deal of planning and effort, the area was reclaimed…

Here’s a map showing the area I’ll be touring you through:

map Specifically, I’ll walk you from Granville Island in the West, to Stamp’s Landing in the East

So what changed to make False Creek that fabulous place that it is today? Granville Island!!


As you can see from the map I posted, Granville Island sits directly under the Granville Street Bridge. Once an industrial manufacturing area, it is now a healthy community filled with craft studios – glass blowing, printmaking, hat and shoemakers, jewellery designers and BC’s Potter’s Guild. It’s also the home of the Emily Carr University of Art and Design (my Mom’s alma mater), various theatres including the Arts Club Theatre Company, a large marina, the Granville Island Hotel, the fantastic Granville Island Brewery Co., top-notch restaurants, a fabulous non-profit organization called the Arts Umbrella who’s mandate it is to educate and engage children in the visual and performing arts, and – of course - the wonderful Public Market.

As you can imagine, Granville Island has become a major tourist destination! But you know… to us here in the Lower Mainland of BC, it’s a vibrant part of our community!!

Part of the charm of Granville Island is that all of the businesses, restaurants, the hotel and university… they’re all housed in the old manufacturing buildings and warehouses (with any new structures built to look like the old OR embellish the old [i.e., modern glass walls]).

Bridges 2 DSC01510

Store Burrard St Bridge

DSC01509 DSC01513

DSC01522boat rental


Granville market

I love the Market… flowers, fresh vegetables & fruit, baked goods, speciality foods, arts & crafts, small restaurants and regular entertainers: the Public Market has so much to offer! It’s such a vibrant place, particularly on a sunny day when you can sit outside on the wharf and snack on a special something purchased inside!!

DSC01517 DSC01518 DSC01363

DSC01366 DSC01368 DSC01371

DSC01373 DSC01390DSC01374

Pretty fantastic, hey?!

With the establishment of Granville Island in the 1970s came the development of the south shore of False Creek into high-density low-rise condos. As long as I can remember I’ve wanted to live in this area! It’s all about lifestyle – close proximate to magical Granville Island and other local shopping areas, fabulous views of downtown Vancouver, parks, a community centre (at Granville Island) access to marinas and – of course – walking/running/biking/roller-blading on the Sea Wall, a sidewalk that extends along the shorelines surrounding the entire city (really!).

DSC01466 DSC01467

I love this particular condo with it’s lagoon – and it’s view! That’s the Granville Street Bridge with Granville Island on the other side of the marina.

DSC01469 DSC01468

DSC01474 DSC01477

DSC01479 DSC01494

And… more view shots!

DSC01478 DSC01493

How about a House Boat off the wharfs of Granville Island?!

houseboats houseboat houseboat 2

To finish off your tour of Granville Island and False Creek… some photos showing some of my discoveries and a few more of Vancouverites enjoying a beautiful spring day!

DSC01481 DSC01461

DSC01458 DSC01470

DSC01482 DSC01492

DSC01515 DSC01516

DSC01499 DSC01465

I hope you’ve enjoyed your tour of Granville Island and False Creek south!!

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Come back soon… Kelly and I have other wonderful neighbourhoods we’re researching just to share with you!!

Victoria from Edin Interiors


Unknown said...

Wow! I feel like I've been there. Thanks

Kat said...

What a great tour! This looks like such a neat place. I love that curved, cantilevered building - wow! And the market looks fantastic. By the way, I'm a fan of your blog, so stop by and pick up your "fan" award! Kathy

Christy said...

I totally enjoyed it! I hope I get to visit your lovely city one day. The condo with the lagoon is just fab.

Melissa Miller said...

It is a really beautiful place! :)

mrsben said...

'SPRING DAY' you say. Nothing like rubbing it in. (I'm from Ontario.)

I LOVE Vancouver! It is so wonderful to see many of the Cities salvaging old districts. Great photography and I enjoyed the tour. (Thank you.)

Unknown said...

I feel like a tourist in my own city looking at all your lovely images of Vancouver. Granville Island is one of my favourite destinations. When I lived in the area I shopped there every night for my supper. Fresh fish, veggies and is a very European thing to do. But now that I live on the other side of the bridge I only get there once a week.
Great post.

Tom Erdman said...

Hi Victoria,
I've never been to Vancouver and have always wanted to go. I'll be in Seattle soon and would love to spend a couple of days there. Now, I know who to call for a little advice. Thanks for the post.

abeachcottage said...

i enjoyed my visit today!


Michelle said...

It's a fantastic way to spend the day...and so Vancouver...what a great recap Victoria. I used to live on 7th and Cambie, and would walk with the kids almost every weekend along False Creek to the food market. I love the artisan feel of the place.

I am a small town girl learning to love this big city.

Great Post. Thanks.

Maria Killam said...

Hey, are you a graphic designer as well, they way you've shown that first picture? Very impressive. I was just at Granville Island this weekend (it was crazy).

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Wow! Just lovely. Thanks for the virtual vacation. My favorite shots where at the food market of course. Can you tell I'm trying to diet. My hubby took his cellphone out of his pocket and I got excited thinking it was a chocolate bar.

Anonymous said...

Wow, wonderful post. I just found your blog and I am already a fan. 8]

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