April 21, 2009

We’re planning a renovation…


A DesignTies renovation!! We’d like to freshen things up here, and we want you to help us out!! Please tae a few minutes to leave a comment and let us know how we can make your visits to DesignTies as enjoyable and informative as possible. Stuff like…

  • Background colour — Dark or light background colour? (We have a poll in our sidebar on this right now – go vote!!)
  • Colour scheme — Do you prefer reading blog pages that are colourful or monochromatic?
  • Font styleSerif or Sans Serif?
  • Page layout — Sidebar on the left or right? Text stretched across the page or in a narrow column?
  • Sidebar content — All decor-related, or do you like to see funny pictures and videos?
  • Post content — Do you enjoy reading about travel and food and pets, as well as home decorating and remodeling? Or do you prefer a home decor and remodeling blog to be focused only on that? Do you prefer lots of pictures and less text, or lots of text and less pictures?
  • Post frequency — Do you want to read something new every day?
  • Comment format — Is leaving a comment fast and easy?

And anything else you want to comment on :-) Of course, if you like DesignTies just as it is, let us know that too!!

We look forward to hearing from you :-)




& Victoria


Christy said...

I do love it just like it is, but I'll comment on each of your questions anyway since that's what I would want my readers to do!

* Background colour — light or white - easier for me to read
* Colour scheme -- I like color
* Font style — either
* Page layout — I like sidebars on left and right, and I think a middle of the road column in terms of width is easiest to read
* Sidebar content — All decor-related, with the exception of your animal pix - love the dog and horses pix
* Post content — Do you enjoy reading about travel and food and pets, YES
as well as home decorating and remodeling YES Or do you prefer a home decor and remodeling blog to be focused only on that? I like mix
Do you prefer lots of pictures AND lots of text
* Post frequency — Do you want to read something new every day? YES
* Comment format — Is leaving a comment fast and easy? YES

That's my two cents. :)

Susan Lang said...

I read many different blogs on an almost daily basis. The personality of the blogger often comes through in their page layout. Whatever makes you happy is fine with me.

I do prefer photos accompanying the text.

I prefer the majority of the posts to be on decor but adding other posts such as travel, food, or pets is enjoyable.

If you can post daily great but quality over quantity is best.

Leaving a comment is fast and easy.

For me, I am a newbie and still trying to master getting the photo and type to cooperate. Hopefully one day my layout will be more creative.

Bonnie said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and your wonderful comments! It means a lot to me. Your blog is absolutely fabulous already! But let me think about your questions and I'll get back to you soon. :)

Terry said...

Background colour — white, switching from a dark background site to a light background site gives me a headache.
* Colour scheme -- I like color
* Font style — both, different sections need different fonts. In effect bolding is a font, different sizes are different fonts, all caps is a different fonts. "If two items are not exactly the same make them different, really different" NYT front page probably has 15 different fonts.
* Page layout — Start main posts on left, that's where the eye want to go - top left.
* Sidebar content — don't care
* Post frequency — Do you want to read something new every day? YES
* Comment format — Is leaving a comment fast and easy? YES

Tiaa @ EYInteriors said...

I think your blog looks great already! Just like Christy, I will respond to your questions b/c as a fellow blogger, I would want that in return! :)

Background color--light easier on the eye

Color scheme--I love color pics but not colorful text goes back to my background color comment


Page layout--Well I'm biased b/c of my blog :) I prefer sidebars on left and right with your post in the middle

Sidebar content--Decor related

Post content--I prefer focus on home decor with some travel, food and pets. Also, prefer more pics than text but it depends on the post sometimes more text is needed.

Post frequency--I would be a hypocrite if I said daily since I do not post daily! :) I would rather see relevant content twice a week.

Comment format--It's great as is.

Maria Killam said...

Definitely a white background, if a blog is too dark I can't wait to get off it, and I just prefer a cleaner look. If you pick colours on the background sometimes they can fight with the images you're showing.

Definitely photos, you can't just have text unless you are a journalist in my opinion.
Page layout, the articles I've read because we read from left to right, apparently the best way to do it is have the posts on the left.
I get stressed every time I leave a post up for longer than 2 days (and I noticed my readership goes way down) but it can't be helped at times. Darn real, paying customers, always getting in the way of spending day and night on my blog :)
Comments are good because you've taken off the word verification which everyone should do.

mrsben said...

Kelly and Victoria I feel that the present format you have is ideal! With that said, as a reader/visitor it might be easier to say what I don't like about some blogs the major two being; often they are so cluttered they take forever to download and/or its difficult to locate where to comment. Your Blog presents neither of these challenges...smiles.

With relation to content, I feel writer's do best at what they know and interest them. Your content and writing skills are both informative and entertaining without being boreing.

I applaud both of you for your dedication and talents.

Tom Erdman said...

Kelly and Victoria,
The reason I stop by is your personality shows through. Design is fun, content is great and I can read it. Just keep your character involved and it will be great. You guys do a ton of research. I'm actually learning stuff here, and I'm an old dog. BTW Kelly, you made my night. Thank you.

DesignTies said...

Thank you all so much for your feedback -- from the sound of it, we don't need to change much :-) But a little freshening up here and there isn't a bad thing, right?? :-)

We'll be making a few changes gradually over the next little while. Keep that in mind if you show up one day and the background is lime green with bright yellow text -- it's all part of the transition process!!


Anonymous said...

Light background preferred as background colors too vivid are glaring to read. Verdana font is easiest to read for me.
Content that you love shows thru, so write about what you love.


Are you Serious? Your Blog looks awesome! Don't change a thing, you girls are on a roll....


qerat said...

I really like the blog as is
Colors, content, format the whole bit. I would not change a thing

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