April 30, 2009

Coffee table APB

I want this coffee table (sorry the picture is fuzzy, but it’s the best I can do):

house table

It’s in Cuddy’s office on House. I love it and I really, really, REALLY want it. The fact that I have nowhere to put it is just a minor detail that can easily be overcome, I’m sure :-) The fact that it’s probably way too expensive is a bigger detail that might not be so easily overcome!!

Have you ever seen this table?? Any idea what it’s called, who makes it, where you can buy it… anything??



mrsben said...

Victoria, re the table. I have no idea if it is 'modern contemporary, retro or European'. If no one else knows you can always 'ask a designer'. Try and attach the photo of it. Sorry that is the best I can do in the 'anything department'. :) Good Luck!

mrsben said...

Kelly, ooooooops I thought it was Victoria that was looking for it. LOL!

Unknown said...

Cool looks vaguely vintage. Sorry I can't help more. Phone the show maybe they can tell you.

qerat said...

Only help you will get is that I can assure you its beautiful :)

xinex said...

I have never seen one like it, Kelly but it is really nice. Hope you find it....Christine

janet said...

have no idea kelly but its definately YOU! circles and

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