April 19, 2009

Summer dreamin’…

I want this to be my summer cottage…

Cottage W21181DR

I’d settle for this smaller version…

cottage W21179DR

With a living room something like this…

LR winterparkModern Home Interior Decoration Ideas

One of my favourite things to do in the summer…


Sorry it’s fuzzy, but I love this action shot of Squirt :-)

squirt jumping 2

What are you looking forward to doing this summer??



Paul Anater said...


Great minds think alike. My column today is about my summer plans too. Your pining for a summer cottage reminds me of my family's cottage on a lake in Ontario. I spent every summer of my childhood on the shores of an ice age lake about two hours north of Kingston. Although our digs were a bit more Spartan that what you're showing here, I understand the draw of an arrangement like that completely. Those summery idylls taught me to appreciate wilderness and the value of quiet. Thanks for reminding me how much I love the sound of a loon in the night and the smell of pines on a dewy morning. Great post!

Christy said...

Oh what a great picture of Squirt. I need to get some like that of our Dublin. He leaps into the water just like that...over and over and over again. Love watching that!

I'm super excited for our two summer vacations - my family and I are headed to Anna Maria Island, FL in two weeks! Then, my husband, daughter and I are going to Chicago for my husband's birthday in July - and I get to attend BlogHer! I'm psyched!

qerat said...

I would want to travel, swim, excercise, read, have late lazy evenings in the garden the list goes on and on :) lets see how much of that will get realized this summer

mrsben said...

Kelly, I am just getting into the Spring mode. It has been a long time coming. Summmer....ahhhhh, I'll be just content with its arrival. Bring on 'those lazy, hazy days!

Love the 'action' photo of Squirt. Black Lab I'm surmising. My dtr. has a Chocolate Lab that is getting up in years, but oh how she (the dog) still loves the water. (We have to cover our walk-in steps to the inground pool to keep her out of it.)

Michelle said...

I'm dreaming of Sarah Richardson's Cottage Life...wish I could get away somewhere like that. I'd take a small cottage by the ocean though.

It's just so nice to get outside again isn't it?

DesignTies said...

Thanks for sharing your summer dreamin' with me :-)

I'll be spending summer weekends at our cottage on a little lake in Quebec. It's nowhere near as decadent as my dream cottages, but I really only go inside to sleep anyway!! :-)

Paul, I love the sound of a loon too. There are a couple of loons that hang out on the lake at our cottage :-)

Christy, enjoy your trips :-) And yes, try to get a picture of Dublin taking a leap into the water :-)

Tareq, make sure you do ALL those things this summer!!

mrsben, I think the best thing about living in Ottawa is that we appreciate summer all that much more after 5 months of winter!! Yep, Squirt is a black lab. And I forgot to answer your question from a couple of days ago -- we take the dogs to Bruce Pit. In fact, we'll be heading there in about 10 minutes :-)

Michelle, I'd take Sarah's cottage too if I could get it!! And yes, it's GREAT to be able to enjoy the outdoors again :-) I walk a lot and cross country ski during the winter, but it's much better now that we can eat and read and lounge outside :-) And no snow to shovel!!


Blair Friedeman said...

What splendid dream cottages! Love the last picture--I have a very soft spot for black labs. I am most looking forward to mountain biking with teh dogs this summer.

xinex said...

Hi Kelly, Thank you so much for taking the time to translate the handwriting on the back of the armoire door. I could tell it was an inventory of the shelves were organized. I can only assume that the piece came from Europe since it is French Victorian and then the French writing kinda adds to that assumption. I thought it is a very interesting piece. Thanks again...Christine

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