September 15, 2009

Makeover Love with Style at Home

I have a sneaking suspicion that I don’t have to tell you this… but I absolutely LOVE taking a raw, unappealing room and transforming it into something special through renovation and decor!! HaHa... did I share something with you you didn’t know?! NO!!  ;-)

My husband and I have transformed many rooms in several homes over the years, and I’ve shared lots of them with DesignTies readers… here are a few (click on the pic to read all about it):

DSC01859 DSC01096 IMG_2017  Finished_Kitchen_5 DSC00951

Not too bad, hey?!

But each of these spaces started out pretty darned ugly!! In the same order as above…

IMG_2099 [07.11] Fireplace 1 BR PreDemo 2

Kitchen - old aps and lights  New Beem

As you can imagine, transforming these spaces took creativity, energy and… yep… money.

We have soooo much more work to do on our little bungalow. And you know… I have some creativity, my husband and I have a little energy… but money?? There’s NEVER enough money!!

So why not enter a fun and fantastic contest??!!

It’s SO totally terrific!!

The on-line site of my favourite Canadian decor & lifestyle magazine – Style at Home – is hosting a makeover contest and, if I enter, I could win one of two $2,000 Home Depot gift certificates!

Heck… YOU could win a $2,000 in Home Depot gift certificate if YOU ENTER!!

This fabulous contest – the Style at Home Makeover Contest 2009 - invites Canadians to share a photo of a room in their home that’s in desperate need of a makeover. Whether it’s a kitchen that’s buried under a sea of clutter or a bedroom that’s just plain boring, they want to see pictures of rooms that need a decorating overhaul!

When I get home from work tomorrow evening I’m definitely going to enter. What room? My basement family room… it’s a horrible mess! What I really, really want to do this winter is add a fireplace!!



Like my mock-up?!

So… contest entry deadline is September 24th… that’s only a little over a week away!

Then, the next day (9/25), they’ll open up the site for voting. Yes; you can vote for the room YOU think needs a makeover! If you vote – or if you leave a comment on one of the entries – you could win a $50 Home Depot gift card!! 20 will be given away. So… be sure to hunt down my room and vote for me as many times as you can (one vote per day, I think) :-)

I’ve already taken a few trips over to the Style at Home Makeover Contest site and I have to say, I have a LOT of competition. So far there over 450 entries! And you know what… I have a feeling that my blog partner Kelly is going to enter, too. Darn!! She’s tough competition! She has SEVEN LAYERS of clutter in HER basement!!

Regardless if you enter the contest or not, be sure to bookmark the Style at Home site… it’s a truly wonderful source for design and decorating ideas!!



Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love seeing the transformation of your "little bungalow", Victoria! What you've done so far looks great. Good luck in the contest!

Sarah @ In A Dream said...

Great transformations! Good luck in the contest. I'm not Canadian so I can't enter, but I'll try to remember to vote!

One of my Hobby Blogs said...

I like your mocking up - wish it was that easy to install!!! lol

Pam Kersting said...

Good luck Victoria. Sketching elevations and perspectives of your project will also help you to visualize it.

Gayle said...

Good luck with the contest!

Pauline Wiles said...

Best of luck with the contest; you've already done some really beautiful things with your home.

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