September 12, 2009

Saturday snapshots from Nova Scotia

Thanks for the comments on my 9/11 post yesterday. I promise I’ll visit all of you when we’re back in Ottawa. Not a lot of time to spend on the computer while we’re in Nova Scotia — holidays are a lot of work!! ;-)

Just want to share a few of my favourite pictures from today, starting with my favourite block in Lunenburg. There’s no purple, but these colourful buildings are awesome!!

colourful block

I have no idea what happened with this picture, but hubby ended up with ghost legs...

freaky ghost legs

I was so excited to see that the Picton Castle docked in Lunenburg. I’ll be writing a post soon about the ship and a fascinating lady that I met today…

picton castle

Can you guess where I was sitting when I took this picture??

eastern star

Hope you enjoyed the pics. Tomorrow we’re taking the scenic route from Lunenburg to Halifax. I suspect we’ll be taking a lot more pictures along the way!!

nova_scotia_flag sig

7 comments: said...

If you have the chance have supper at the orange building - yummy! or the Gazebo Cafe in Mahone Bay. I live down the road in Bridgewater and spend as much time as possible enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Enjoy your stay! Lovely post yesterday btw.

Christy said...

Great photos. No, I can't guess where you were sitting - I hope you tell us! Continue to have fun!

Kat said...

Beautiful shots! I love all the colorful houses, reminds me a bit of the "painted ladies" in San Francisco. Were you sitting in one of the life boats? I love that shot. Have fun!! Kathy

Michelle said...

Wow...I was born in Cape Breton...near Louisburg...but I love Lunenberg as well! They painted their homes those colours because they had left over boat paint, and the tradition continues. Some of my favorite homes there have black shingles though.

What a great time to visit!


Fifi Flowers said...

PRETTY place... LOVE the COLOUR!!!

Danica said...

Love your ship picture, absolutely beautiful!

Gayle said...

Great shots! I don't know where you were sitting, but it looks like someplace scary!

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