September 11, 2009

Our ties to 9/11

Wow — who knew you could squeeze so much stuff into one day?! We left Ottawa at 8:20 this morning, and 14 hours later I'm sitting in our B&B in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia after a day filled with scenic drives, hilly walks, yummy food, walking on the Bluenose II, seeing the Picton Castle (TOTALLY cool!!), and all-around good times :-) Oh, and purple houses too!!

purple house

I'll be writing more about our trip next week, but I have to commemorate today — 9/11.

Our wedding day was September 14th, 2001 — three days after 9/11. We woke up on the morning of our wedding to news that the Prime Minister of Canada had proclaimed September 14, 2001 a National Day of Mourning. Our Master of Ceremonies was in Germany and unable to fly back to Canada for our wedding. My brother and his wife had planned to fly up from Pittsburgh, but had to drive up instead. We had two tickets to fly to Halifax for our honeymoon in NS and PEI the day after our wedding. But I was too scared to fly, especially because of the association between 9/11 and the airport in Halifax.

Flash forward 8 years — today, September 11, 2009, hubby and I were flying to Halifax to celebrate our anniversary at the same time the two planes hit the World Trade Center back in 2001. Things eerily coming full circle, in a way.

We originally planned to go to Peggy's Cove on Sunday on our way from Lunenburg to Halifax, but we decided to go today instead. About 1.5kms from Peggy's Cove, we saw a sign for the Swissair Flight 111 Memorial. Another eery coincidence that on the 8th anniversary of 9/11, we were at the scene of another tragic plane crash.

Here are a few pictures I took at the memorial. The first explains the memorial, and the rest are pictures of the memorial and the Atlantic Ocean. It's too bad the sound of crashing waves can't come through the computer screen — they really add to the drama of the memorial site and  remind you of the power of the ocean...

swiss 1 plaque  Click the picture to enlarge the image

swiss memorial

After much thought, hubby came to the realization that the three slots in the stone are the number of the flight — 111.

stone 1

stone 2

The clouds couldn’t have been more perfect…


I’m still feeling a bit goosebumpy from the seeing the memorial and the coincidences between September 11, 2001 and September 11, 2009. Both tragic events that we’ll never forget, both because of the impact they had on the world and because of the ties my hubby and I have to 9/11.



Gayle said...

Goosebumps here, too. Your photos of the memorial site are beautiful. The last one is so lovely.

qerat said...

Beautiful pictures Kelly.
It is such a sad memory. My friend here in Jordan lost a brother, the devastation of what happened knew no borders.

Kat said...

Beautiful memorial, and beautiful photos. The last one in particular gives me chills. Thank you for your remembrance of 9/11. The support of friends all across the world made the days after easier to bear. Kathy

Christy said...

Beautiful post and photos. Thank you for sharing, I'm embarrassed that I'd never heard of this crash before.

Also - Happy Anniversary!!!

Greet Lefèvre said...

Beautiful pictures Kelly!
I don't know what to say by seeing these!
They give me chills.


mrsben said...

Though I have been out East I actually have never seen Canada's Commemorative dedicated to those who persished on Swissair Flight 111.(Known to our Neighbours to the South as the United Nations Flght). Peggy's Cove is beautiful isn't it! Your photos are astounding Kelly!

Actually eight years ago yesterday would have been my (& DH's) 30th Wedding Anniversary. We had plans to celebrate it that day with friends and family however due to the horrific events we choose to cancel them that day and to date have not celebrated it on September 11th.


Susan said...

Hi Kelly,

That is a nice thoughtful post. Happy Anniversary, enjoy your weekend.

Unknown said...


Thank You for your kindness and sharing in the date. Both personal and public. I appreciate the snaps of a place I may not get to see.

Blessings to you both, Happy Anniversary!


Pam Kersting said...

Never forget ...

Maya@Completely Coastal said...

I've read somewhere that since the Swissair 111 crash tourism to Halifax has dramatically increased (it's called dark tourism)..., also the Titanic sank nearby. I'm looking forward to more pictures!!!

Linda Q said...

Happy Anniversary even though it is touched by these events! I guess that makes you all the more appreciative of having each other to hold close!
My ancestory is from Nova Scotia, McLellan family line. I have been there only on a flight refuel at 2am in the morning when coming back from England ( where I was born) when I was about 3 1/2 years old. My mother says I loved it! LOL
Blessings and prayrs for all nations to have peace!

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