September 16, 2009

It’s SOOO worth a replay: Simply Beautiful…


Earlier this summer Kelly and I introduced Rewind Wednesday so that we could run way from our computers!! We wanted to play in the sun, swim in the lake, drink a glass of wine on our decks, even tackle a few of those projects we’d been putting off… all while knowing that our DesignTies visitors had some pretty pictures to look at and an interesting post to read.

Well… summer is just about over, but Rewind Wednesday isn’t going away with the warm weather. Nope. You see, Kelly and I are both very busy with the interior design courses we’re taking this fall so we’re taking advantage of our Wednesday reprieve.

Besides, we think we have some great posts in our archives that you’ll enjoy!

Like this phenomenal house I discovered while touring the internet one afternoon…

Underline Left

I am absolutely and unabashedly in LOVE with this wonderful house – the architecture is stunning and the decor is simply beautiful.

I wish I knew where I got the photographs from because the source would probably have mentioned who the architect was, but I did capture the interior designer’s name and firm: Meg Joannides with MLK Studio in Los Angeles, California. Be sure to check out her site because she and her team are amazing talents!

Now… I’m going to step back and let the house (located in Brentwood, CA) and it’s beautiful decor speak for itself.


Okay… I lied about stepping back! I wanted to direct your eye to the use of line in this home. The siding framing the front door above and the inlayed wood in the foyer floor leading all the way to the back yard creates wonderful line. In the photo below you can see how the same detail is continued out onto the backyard patio. Love it! You’ll see the this detail expressed throughout the house – the stairway, with shelves across a window (shadowed on a wall) and in the stone used on the vertical surfaces for example.







If I’m not mistaken the kitchen above and below is in the guest house – the main house, where most of the photos I’m sharing are from, is across the yard in the photo below.





modern%20homes%20and%20architecture%20in%20california backyard%20picture%20with%20patio%20furniture

Wouldn’t you love to sit under this gorgeous tree while watching a tennis match? Okay… you can play tennis while I watch!! :-)

I can’t help but repeat myself… I love this house, inside and out!! I hope you enjoyed touring these Meg Joannides designed interior and exterior spaces as much as I did… and continue to do! Again, I encourage you to check out MLK Studio’s portfolio of interior design projects via the link above. Or you can use this link to go directly to their Brentwood home photos… they have MORE lovely pics of this fabulous house!!



qerat said...

the title says it all
Simply Beautiful
I would easily move in without changing a thing

Kat said...

Wow! Be still my heart, what a fabulous place. There is a home in the Dallas area that reminds me of this in alot of ways. I've never seen the inside, but I would imagine that it is very similar. I just love this! Kathy

xinex said...

Thanks for sharing. This house is absolutely stunning!...Christine

mrsben said...

Ultra spectacular in every aspect, however I am thinking you most probably wud require a full-time staff to maintain it. ie: Keeping those windows clean alone could be a nightmare, not to mention the grooming of the landscaping.
Qui Non?

Christy said...

Oh my god that is one of the most beautiful houses I've ever seen. I love every single room. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!

Paul Anater said...

My dream house!

Maria Killam said...

Stunning modern house! Love it, and thanks for posting it!

DesignTies said...

Thanks everyone... like I said, I'm in LOVE with this house, too! If we ever win the lottery I'd want to build something like this - decorated like this(!) - overlooking the lake in Kelowna. It's funny... those of you who have seen the renovations in my little house would think it funny that I LOVE this aesthetic; my house is sooo different!!

Sofia Striffler said...

Wow that house is gorgeous. I love the yard area.
Thanks for visiting me. Yes I would love to paint the room, but alas we cannot because it is a rental. So we add colors with other objects.
Thanks for your input though

Cemaya said...

Scale and proportion are amazing! I love the nighttime shot very romantic overall for a contemporary home.

Katie @ said...

The windows are my favorite part. They really connect inside and outside and give so much beautiful light.



mrsben said...

For your info: Kelly (for your kitchen design in a previous post), Victoria (maybe for your Decorating Course) have you checked out the website, (Reference Style At Home Magazine June/09 issue) It is a website where you can create a 3-D floor plan etc. I browsed thru it quickly and it seems pretty straight forward.

DesignTies said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Brenda :-) Straightforward is a good thing!!


Things That Inspire said...

Absolutely sublime! I have a weakness for contemporary style homes. I grew up primarily in contemporary homes, and I think this is why I am looking for a home that is filled with light because this is what I experienced in my homes growing up. Lots of glass, lots of windows (very high heating and cooling bills too - those big windows have a drawback!).

There is a house on the market in Atlanta that is in my favorite area, backs up onto a 16 acre estate, and is ultra contemporary. It has been sitting on the market, as Atlanta is quite a traditional market. Whenever I drive by it, I look longingly...

I spy a square painting in this post!

MOOT said...

My kind of house. BEAUTIFUL. I especially like the wood and stone walls. Thanks for sharing.
- Marie


Fantastic - I love the lines of this house, the warm walnut flooring and the clean open spaces. It is close to be my dream home.

angelo said...

Everything about this house (inside & out) is just perfection. Absolutely perfect.

Maria Killam said...

I love that house too! Sigh--I need many different homes for all the different styles I would love to have!

Anonymous said...

The architect is Belzberg Architects.

DesignTies said...

Thanks for the information :-)

Anonymous said...


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