July 10, 2010

You can’t always get what you want…

…but if I could, I want to be here:


For the past week, it’s been stinkin’ hot. With the humidity factored in, the temps have felt like 35–40C every day since last Saturday. And they’re going to keep feeling like 35–40C until at least next Saturday. Oh, what I would give to be playing in the snow right now!!

polar bear

Between the heat and the being in the throes of the “Three Week Cold From Hell”, I don’t have much blogging mojo. So apologies to all my blog buddies for not making my usual visits to your blogs lately. I promise I’ll come by soon!! In the meantime, please send some cool air in this direction!!



Kat said...

Sorry that your cold is still hanging on, that's no fun at all. The pictures are gorgeous, if only you could have that landscape with 70 degree weather lol. I do NOT do cold and I certainly don't do snow! Kat

Susan said...

I was supposed to be in Ottawa this weekend. Maybe glad I didnt go since my friends dont have a pool.

I hope your cold gets better soon. 3 weeks is killer.


Carolyn said...

Wow! That would be too hot for me too. I hope your cold is better soon.


Marcus Design said...

Aww, a 3 week cold! That's terrible. So crummy to have a cold in the heat hey? I hope you get better soon! On a side note, that polar bear is so cute :)

mrsben said...

Kelly, as a fellow Northerner and a neighbour ..... BITE YOUR TONGUE.
Such 'evil thoughts'! Winks

DesignTies said...

Hahah!! Sorry Brenda, but the winter pictures are SO refreshing!!! Of course, when it's -30 next January, I'll be wishing I was somewhere hot & sunny ;-)


Christy said...

And please send some cool air to us too - it's been hovering in the 90s and 100s - UGH! Hope you're having a great weekend Kelly!

emma said...

Give me snow and a ski hill any day. I'm one of those closet winter lovers - it's my favorite season. These photos are glorious especially during this ridiculous weather!

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

Best excuse to eat lots of ice cream!!

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