July 15, 2010

Pipe dreams

contrast_piping cushions moghul interiors I love the look of piping. It’s a simple finishing touch that gives a cushion or piece of furniture a little extra somethin’-somethin’.

From Wikipedia: In sewing, piping is a type of trim or embellishment consisting of a strip of folded fabric inserted into a seam to define the edges or style lines of a garment or other textile object. Usually the fabric strip is cut on the bias, and often it is folded over a cord. It may be made from either self-fabric (the same fabric as the object to be ornamented) or contrasting fabric, or of leather.

Lately I’ve been drawn to pieces of furniture with contrasting piping. Unfortunately, I’m not on the market for any new furniture at the moment, so I’ll have to live my pipe dreams through these pictures…

First up are some pieces in rooms designed by Sarah R. I love the shape and colour of this chair, and the stripey piping.

contrasting-details sarah r

Love this little green bench with the white piping.

bench sarah r

This is the perfect bedroom seating area.

chairs 2 sarah r

Love both the contrasting piping and the nailhead trim on these dining room chairs.

chairs 5 sarah r

The piping on these chairs ties in perfectly with the bedding.

chairs 4 sarah r

How pretty is this room?? The blue & white combo is so fresh and crisp, both on the walls and on the chaise & chair. Love the hits of bright pink & green too :-)

chaise chair domino_cg_winner

How’s this for a sexy chair?? Notice that the piping matches the throw cushions on the sofa.

chair lucite legs decorpad

Lots of cream & taupe in this room, including the chairs & ottomans!!

chairs bed a paddington perspective

A taupe & cream sofa in a colourful coastal living room.

LR odi et amo

The light brown & pink chair slipcover is a perfect match to the wallpapered wall and pink ceiling.

nursery alkemie

  Love the orange piping on the two pink chairs.

pink chairs la dolce vita

My colour hero, Jamie Drake :-) Check out the mirrored legs on the bench… loves!!

jamie drake the glam lamb

So what do you think — do you like contrasting piping, or do you prefer when the piping matches the cushion or piece of furniture??



Kathysue said...

Hi Kelly, I am with you , first love,love SRichardson and second love contrast welting. I have it on my sofa in a check that is on a chair in the same room and then on the pink checked chair I have a small green check. Love it!! My all time favorite was my blue and white ticking stripe with a banana yellow cord welting!! I hope to have that sofa again!! I miss it!! Great examples here and it is making me miss my sofa!Kathysue

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

I LOVE contrasting piping! Those two benches you posted - the green one with the white piping and the white one with the mirrored legs are amazing!

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

Contrasting piping is the hotness! I love it, and love all the images you picked to display it. This post makes me love it even more than before! Such an inspiring post Kelly!!

Marcus Design said...

I am with you Kelly! I DIE for the images you've shown here, and Sarah always does piping right doesn't she?? I have a couple of perfect contrast piping photos in my inspiration files, I am going to have to add some of these to it! Lovely post :)

Unknown said...

Love this! God is certainly in the details.
And picture #7 just may be the inspiration for my new closet pretty are they...thank you so much Kelly.


I love contrasting piping. :) Our couch is a soft khaki with white piping. I lurve it. The piping is one of the things that drew me to it in the store.

Unknown said...

Piping is such a fun detail that's way underrated. Thanks for sharing all these great images!!!
Happy Friday. :)

Barbara Matson said...

Ooh - perfect timing! I just made pillows for my sister's master and was inspired by Sarah's use of contrast piping and will be posting about them this weekend!

Piping is like the icing on the cake, BUT can be difficult to sew on. Takes patience!

Love the post!

Karla {Kerrisdale Design Inc} said...

Piping is a must for me whether it's upholstery or just finishes things off, kinda like mouldings do in a room, you know? Usually I like it done in the same fabric as the body, but your pictures were gorgeous and depending on the room I think the contrasting is fabulous.

Have a wonderful weekend Kelly {Victoria too!}


qerat said...

great post and nice roundup of pictures.
I always use matching fabric for the piping. I need to change that now :)

Michelle said...

I so love these details!! Design definately lives there :)


Marie Brady said...

I love contrasting piping and I wish I saw more of it! I really love the gray chairs and could see them in my living room!

Staci Edwards said...

I heart contrasting piping!

Anonymous said...

I love contrast piping, especially when striped! Looks like candy canes.....

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