July 20, 2010

Checking in on the Art For Life Campaign

Back on March 24th, Canadian abstract artist Matt LeBlanc started his Art For Life Campaign. His goal is to paint 200 paintings in six months (184 days) and raise $25,000 for cancer research.

At the almost-four month mark, Matt’s completed 124 paintings, sold 88 paintings, and has raised $11,050. You go, Matt!!!

Here are some of the campaign paintings that are available. Each painting is 24” x 24” and costs $150.

matt 89matt 104 matt 116 matt 117 matt 118 matt 121 matt 122 matt 124

Check out Matt’s Art For Life Gallery to see all the paintings that he’s created so far. If you see one that you like, I’m sure Matt would be happy to sell it to you :-)

If you’d like to help spread the word about Matt’s campaign, feel free to add this image to your sidebar:

matt BannerVerticalThere are very few people who haven’t been touched by cancer in some way. The money that Matt raises for cancer research could help you or someone you love beat this crappy disease.

Go Matt!!!!!

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Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

Thanks for the update Kelly. I try to check out Matt's site every once in a while. Some beautiful work there!

Lisa said...

Yes it's nice to see how he's doing. Great prices for some beautiful artwork.

Unknown said...


Isn't art wonderful? When you know the artist the art experience becomes more enriched. Great pieces and array of colors. Thanks for Sharing.


Marcus Design said...

Wow!! 124 paintings already? How amazing, and he has really raised a lot of money too, just goes to show what one person can contribute when most of us think our efforts won't reall add up to much on our own!! Go Matt!

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