July 19, 2010

ResinArt: Fun With Photos!

I’m so exited to share my latest project with you!

Inspired by this fun and phenomenal DIY project…


And by a shadow-box framed art project I saw on an episode of this…


…I took two of my photographs, one of new plantings in my front yard and the other of flowers at Granville Island Market…



…and a couple Ribba frames from IKEA…DSCF0755





And created…

Well… you’ll have to wait and see!

First I had my super-hero Brian cut me a couple of 8”x8” pieces of 3/4” MDF on his table saw. After sanding the edges of the pieces, I painted all 4 sides in Benny Moore’s “Natural Linen” (CC-90)


I also painted the backing board from the Ribba frames in the same colour. I used a cross-hatching technique to create a bit of a linen-look.


So what’s next?

Mounting my photos onto the MDF pieces that Brian cut for me!

Now, about my photos… I had them developed in 8”x10” but as I mentioned, the MDF pieces were 8”x8”. So after deciding on the best part of each photo, and using an MDF piece as a guide, I trimmed each photo to fit.

DSCF0793 DSCF0794

DSCF0795After my photos were the perfect size I set about gluing them to the MDF. I squeezed the glue around the MDF and the used a sponge brush to spread it evenly around. Next, I positioned the photos on the boards.

Looking good!!


But let’s make them look even better!!!!

Now to the REALLY FUN stuff!!

I applied a high-gloss resin finish to my photos… and here’s how I did it:


First, I measured equal parts of the resin & hardener into individual plastic containers. I used about half of the product from each 8oz bottle… so while I didn’t measure (I used the scientific method called “eye-balling”!), I believe that I used 4oz of each product.

Next I poured both fluids into another container where, using a paint stir-stick, I stirred the mixture together using a whipping type motion. I stirred for a few minutes until the mixture was opaque and kinda frothy (filled with bubbles).

Then… I poured the mixture on to the mounted photos.


Gravity did a lot of the work for me, but I helped it along by evenly spreading the resin around the photo with a sponge brush. As the resin flows down the sides, it’s important to continually brush the drips away… keep wiping until the dripping slows down and stops.

A cool part of working the resin magic is getting rid of the air bubbles. See the tilted photo above? Bubbles. And they go completely away with carbon dioxide… so what you do is breathe on the resin! Yep… I got light headed!! But it was so cool to see the bubbles de-materialize!!

The next morning, this is what I saw…


They’re so flipping gorgeous!!!!!!


So what did I do with these lovelies?

I mounted them to the centre of my Ribba IKEA frames’s backing boards, then using the shadow box feature of the frames, I framed them up – ready to be hung!!



I think they’re fantastic!!!

My new photo-art is so darned glossy that I couldn’t take a decent photograph of them… every time I tried I got a reflection!!

Here they are sitting on top of my mantle…


And here they are, hung with pride and pleasure in my dining room!!


DSCF0836  Butterfly

If you’re visiting from Susan’s blog Between Naps on the Porch… I hope you like my contribution to Metamorphosis Monday!

Whether you’re a regular DesignTies reader, or if you’ve visiting from BNotP… tell me… will you try this project yourself?



Marcus Design said...

Love love love the resin look, it's glossy and perfect! I feel honored to have seen this lovely project in person and they truly turned out stunning! You are inspiring me to attempt a resin art project myself Victoria!

PS. Thanks again for a fun morning yesterday! I hope our project was looking good after fully drying outside! :)

Marianne said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful idea. I have used resin in small art pieces but never something as large as 8x8. I am going to have to try this at least once.
This is my first time here. But I will be back for more. I did find you through BNotP. It was my first time participating. Lots of fun.

Kat said...

Wow, this really came out great! I recognized those frames immediately, being a long time Ikea junkie :) The photos are beautiful, and this process really makes them pop. Fun project! Kat

Christy said...

I'm afraid I will not try this, but I LOVE yours. They look perfect in your gorgeous dining room! I wish I lived in your town so I could invite myself over to view in person! Ha!

Unknown said...

I LOVE this Victoria...and thank you for being so detailed in your instructions.
Definitely going to give this a go!

Unknown said...

I love this project - so fun!
- Danielle

Staci Edwards said...

So flippin' gorgeous indeed! Great project!

Wendy said...

looks fantastic!!

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

You're such a tease!! These are so unique and gergeous, they look like beautiful tiles! Fantastic work, they look perfect in your living room =D

Susan said...

This is so funny... I watched that video too and thought what a fantastic idea. And what do you know? you made them.

I think they are stunning. fab idea. cant say enough...


Barbara Matson said...

Wow they turned out amazing. Brave girl you are. I think resin would scare me away!

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

I am definitely going to try this out! I actually went to an art show a couple of weekends ago and saw quite a few pieces of art like this and I was wondering how they did this...and now I know! Thanks!

Tracy said...

I LOVE THEM! I've wanted to use resin for a long time but never have. Where did you buy the product?

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

Yowza, these turned out awesome! I had watched this video too and I'm dying to try it. Great job and it helps that your photos were awesome too.

Brillante Interiors said...

Brava Victoria, they look fantastic and...they are really "your" art.

Anny said...

These are so beautiful! I love resin but the stuff I see in stores is always so boring. I'm definitely going to try this!

DecRenew Interiors said...

Wowza! Gorgeous!! So classy!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! That glossy look really makes them look so expensive! I'm late on this comment, this was linked to Color Me Happy.

Nice work!

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