March 12, 2009

Hooked on… delicious doors!

houston doors all things cool

Kelly @ JAX Decor & Design

Thanks to Julia at Hooked on Houses for getting me Hooked on Fridays!! I had so much fun with my post about circles last week, that I just had to do it again!!

This week, I’m hooked on delicious doors (like the ones in the pic above, from All Things Cool). So, put on your shoes and let’s take a walk around the neighbourhood and check out some unique and welcoming front doors :-)

When we were in Luxembourg over the Christmas holidays in 2007, I saw this front door:

blue door luxembourg

And so began my obsession with doors! I love the colour and the graphic lines of this blue one. The hardware is nice too :-)

Walking west from Luxembourg City, I spotted some other doors that I liked. Check out this glossy black door with the black iron fence beside the walkway…

black lux

Beautiful wood door and another nice black iron fence:

christmas lux

I was really struck by the whole porch area here rather than just the door. Love the metal work with the circles above the landing and the large oval window. Imagine colourful flowers blooming in the urns on each side of the stairs…

gate circles luxembourg' 2

A pretty gray door…

gray lux

And one more Luxembourg door — love the metal detailing on both the door and the oval window above it…

wrought iron door lux

Now, if you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ve probably caught on to the fact that I love colour!! So, my hooked on delicious doors post wouldn’t be complete without pics of some colourful front doors!! I had to really try hard to cut down the number of fabulous doors that I found on the Net. Sometimes Google is TOO good at finding what you’re looking for!! So this is just a small sampling of the doors I found. If you want to see more, just go to Google Image Search and type in the name of your favourite colour + doors.

So here we have some Irish doors in Kilkenny

corbis colored doors

And a pink Irish door…

pink irish front door

Green doors on a blue house…

flickr green door

And an orange door accented with green trim. Even the house numbers are colourful!!

orange green flickr

The red flowers look fantastic with the bright yellow door…

yellow my

A turquoise door on an orange adobe house in Tucson — gorgeous landscaping!!

turquoise real estate in

Two purple doors for the price of one!! Lovely curved gate at the end of the walkway…


I’m not usually a fan of plain white front doors… but when your house is electric pink, I guess a white door is OK :-)

pink house

A white door is also made more colourful when it’s surrounded by beautiful flowers

white flowers home dot

How’s this for some super-duper delicious door colour?!

orange pink house photodot net

And not exactly a door, but how could you not feel welcome seeing this bright blue gate left open for you to walk right on in?? :-)

pink blue entry

supernova 2 As for my front door… it was white when we moved in. The following summer, I painted it BM Super Nova, a dark purple. I made the mistake of using oil paint. Don’t use oil paint on an exterior door, because it doesn’t “breathe” like latex paint and ends up cracking. Then you have to sand the flaky paint off and prime before you can repaint with latex. Ugh!!!
nunavutSo anyway, the next colour I painted the door was Sico Nunavut, a dark chocolate brown (I also painted all our interior doors Nunavut, which you can see here). And this time, I painted the white trim as well.

Last summer, I decided to paint the door again – CIL Street Lamp Black, which is actually blue (or at least looks blue on our south-facing door). Excuse the green painter’s tape!!

I like the new colour… but last fall, new people moved into the house next to ours. Not only did they paint the entire house the same colours as our house, but they got a new blue front door too. Grrrrrr… so, this summer I’ll be painting the door AGAIN. Probably a dark purple again, like BM Jester.

key Well, time to close the door on this post and say goodbye… but walk on over to Hooked on Houses to check out what everyone else is hooked on this Friday :-)


Terry said...

Great doors. Here is another one Doors at the Tabernacle in Atlanta

Things That Inspire said...

I have a fascination with doors, and love the doors in this post! I once went to London and spent the whole time taking pictures of beautiful doors. There is a Adams/Georgian neighborhood near the British Museum that has the most beautiful doors.

Once, I was thinking about painting my door black, and my babysitter (who is married to an Asian man) said that it is very bad in the Asian culture to paint your door black - it says very bad things about you. A white door is good. I kept my door white because of this, but some day I would like a green door.


Oh Wow, I love me some doors too!


Blair Friedeman said...

oh, love the pink irish door!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a fun post. What beautiful doors! Makes me want to paint mine.

Anonymous said...

I loved your post! I love front doors---and making them interesting, thanks for the inspiration!

Darija said...

these are great pictures. I'm going to show some of these to my husband so that what I want to do to the front door will be tame by comparison. :D ps I like your purple door the best, though all the colors look very good.

Anonymous said...

love all the doors! i think my favorite is the pink irish door.

amariaf2000 said...

Europeans have "da bomb" doors! :-) These are awesome! And I love how you have painted your front door, and you keep changing it up! That's great! I wish some of our neighbors would paint their doors! HaHa - I love looking at doors and determining the best color for them to accent the house. Fun stuff!
~angela @ peonypatch

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of a door freak myself! I love them all. Blue doors are so pretty.

I have a new version of that scooter! LOL

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh I love to look at doors, they are all so interesting and some are so inviting while others almost say stay away. You showed some really gorgeous ones. Hugs, Marty

kd said...

We installed a beautiful wood door last summer and stained it dark. I love it, and I esp love that it's different than all the boring steel doors in the neighborhood, but I'm a little sad to lose the option for so many wonderful colors.

Unknown said...

I LOVE the colorful doors! We've kept ours the original glossy black, but I try to accent it with lots of color. Thanks for sharing.

It' an Evolution said...

Yes...Everyone is Irish on St. Paddy's Day! Here's a toast to your for putting the oh so fun Irish Doors in your post! I think doors are just so much fun. Wish I had more and more money to buy the good ones!
Happy St. Paddy's Day and thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed yours :)
Take care

Pam Kersting said...

Great post! Glad I found it over at Hooked on Houses today. It goes right along with what I'm hooked on today -- Entrances! Go check it out over at
Happy Friday!

Maria Killam said...

Those are some great doors and right up my alley! I'll have to remember this one when I start talking about exterior colour very soon.

Why S? said...

We're putting in a new (salvaged) front door this weekend and I've been struggling with what color to paint it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Decor To Adore said...

I am visiting via H.O.H. Great post!

I hope you'll stop by for a visit, I am hosting a giveaway.

cotedetexas said...

what a wonderful collection of doors! my favorite I think is the gray one with the stones surrounding it.

Thank you so much for your comments! I really enjoy them!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great collection of beautiful doors! I love doors that really stick out from the house!

My Notting Hill said...

Love pics of doors. The pink Irish door is a knockout!! It really works.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Wow, those doors truly are delicious! I gobbled up every picture in this post. Really swooned over the colorful doors in Kilkenny. Beautiful, beautiful. Thanks for the treat today! :-)

Michelle said...

Beautiful colour here. Wherever I travel, I sketch and take picutres of architecture instructor used to call it a penetration...we would all chuckle.


You need to do a poster with these doors and promote your blog with it - All the pictures are fantastic.

Unknown said...

Hi there...I popped over from Hooked on Houses and LOVE your post about doors. I love colorful doors too and you captured some beautiful ones! I like the purple door (on your house best) and in fact, will be painting my door at home Purple soon too!

mrsben said...

I think it would be safe to call these "Happy Doors". Who ever would have thought there would be such a thing. :) These are indeed fantastic!

Kelly at Kitchen Sync said...

Wow. Those are some funky doors! I'm lusting after the Luxembourg wrought iron door, but doubt it'll go well on a 1960s rancher. *grin*

From the Old InkWell said...

Great post! Thanks for stopping by my blog and telling me about it.


Why S? said...

Hi Kelly, you can finally see what color we decided for our door here:

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