March 25, 2009

Back with more Jelly Beans!

A few weeks ago, I wrote this article about Jelly Bean Row. If you missed it, Jelly Bean Row is the nickname for an area in St. John’s, Newfoundland where the houses are painted beautiful bright colours — just like jelly beans :-)

4boatsweb “4 Boats” by Jim Costello. St. John’s Harbour from South Side Road.

One of our blog visitors who commented on my article is Geoff Meeker. Geoff is the Director of Jellybean Row (slightly different spelling to mine). Jellybean Row creates home decor products modeled after the houses on Jelly Bean Row. I e-mailed Geoff to thank him for commenting on my article, and he provided me with more information about Jelly Bean Row and Jellybean Row. Confused yet?! ;-)

The houses of Jelly Bean Row

flickr blue The term Jelly Bean Row was coined sometime in the 1970s. People started restoring and gentrifying dozens of heritage homes in downtown St. John’s that were at risk of demolition. The term “Jelly Bean Row” was first used around this time to describe a row of brightly coloured townhouses on Forest Road.

Nobody knows for sure why the houses in Jelly Bean Row were originally painted such bright colours. One story says it was to guide fishermen home in the fog. But the entrance to the harbour is a mile away from Jelly Bean Row, so that’s not really a plausible explanation.

A more likely reason for the bright colours is that they were used to counteract the foggy gray weather that’s common in St. John’s.

And Michelle from A Schematic Life has another explanation — the houses are so colourful because they used to be painted with the leftover paint from the fishing boats.

Whatever the reason, Jelly Bean Row is definitely a unique and colourful area of St. John’s :-)

Homes in Jelly Bean Row that sold for $18,000 in the 1980s and were restored and maintained can now fetch as much as $400,000!! That’ll buy you a whole lotta jelly beans!!!!

The artwork of Jellybean Row

geoff 2 RS Jellybean Row is fun, creative, and unique artwork that brings the colours of St. John’s right into your home :-) It is a series of vibrantly-coloured Victorian style house images modeled after the heritage homes on some of the oldest streets in North America.

The interchangeable art houses hang on your wall. Because there is no frame or matte, the houses can be placed together, creating a genuine row house effect — your very own mini Jelly Bean Row!! You could hang a series diagonally on a staircase wall and replicate the look of the real houses on St. John’s sloped streets…

flickr 6 slope

flickr 1

And how cute is this — Jellybean Row houses decorated for Christmas!!

geoff3 RS geoff 4 RS

The Christmas houses have snow, lights, decorations and “a subtle dusk light that brings out the warm glow of an old fashioned Christmas… under incandescent light, the windows glow as if powered from within. It instantly, almost magically, changes the look of a room.” (Geoff Meeker)

Check out if you want to read more about Jellybean Row or buy your very own colourful Jellybean Row house—for a lot less than $400,000!!


All pictures of The houses of Jelly Bean Row from

All pictures of the artwork of Jellybean Row from

Special thanks to Geoff Meeker for providing Great information about both :-)


Anonymous said...

This is amazing! I've never seen these charming houses... love all the pictures!
Robin Rane'
All Things Heart and Home

Christy said...

Oh this is so neat - I must have missed the first post about these houses. I love brightly colored houses too - and take pictures of them whenever we travel.

xinex said...

Beautiful colorful community!...Christine

cotedetexas said...

Really really interesting! I never heard of this before - thanks for sharing!

and thank you for your comment tonight - much appreciated!

Unknown said...

Those houses are divine! They remind me of the brightly coloured houses I saw in rural Ireland.

Lee said...

One jellybean by itself doesn't look much, but put a whole heap together - magic! These houses look so bright and interesting all in a row.

The House That A-M Built said...

Oh aren't they just perfection!!!! If ya gunna have colour!... have colour.... vibrant and beautiful. A-M xx

qerat said...

It would be just great walk in the street. Like walking in a real life Disney land !! :)

Fifi Flowers said...

Those would be great houses to do paintings of! I'm dying to go to the candy store and buy jelly belly candies since looking at this post!

Unknown said...

How intriguing and interesting - just a postcard for sure! Can't decide which color I'd choose!
Happy Twirls,

Maria Killam said...

Aren't those stunning! Love this post, thanks for introducing us to Jelly Beans!

Anonymous said...

I went to St. John's for the first time in the summer of 2008. And, honestly, I didn't know these quaint row houses existed until I arrived and saw them there. They're the most adorable houses I've ever seen, hands down. But what is most amazing about them is how long some of the rows are; they just seem to go on and on forever. Wonderful.

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