March 14, 2009

A fantastic contest that you shouldn’t enter…

hood That’s right — there’s a FANTASTIC contest going on right now over at Kitchen and Residential Design. But don’t enter it. Really. I mean, who needs a $3,200 (yes, that’s $3,200) gift certificate from Metallo Arts?? To put towards a new custom range hood or a zinc countertop or a pewter countertop. And 10 hours of design time with kitchen, bath, and residential designer Paul Anater — worth an additional $1,300, for a total grand prize valued at $4,500.

oakwhitewash OK, I’ll tell you who needs it — ME!!!! I have PINKY OAK cabinets and LAMINATE countertops and a stove with two measly burners and a light fixture that a friend said looks like a coffin. Hubby thinks the kitchen is just fine as it is, thank you very much, and refuses to make any changes. Well, if I win this contest, I’m gettin’ me a brand new kitchen!! Because you know how these things work… a new range hood leads to a new range leads to a new fridge (well, no, I like my fridge, it can stay), leads to a new countertop leads to… you get the picture!!!

So please, DON’T enter this contest. Because if you don’t enter, I’ll have a way better chance of winning. Yay, me!!! And because you won’t be entering the contest, there’s no need for you to know about the rules…

  • Write or put together a presentation on your fantasy kitchen (however you interpret and express that). You can use words, pictures, a slide show… the more creative, the better.
  • E-mail your presentation to by midnight on April 2, 2009.
  • Contest is open to everybody — designers, bloggers, reporters, and regular Joes or Janes.

And you definitely DO NOT want to go to Kitchen and Residential Design to read the full contest details and rules. That would be a waste of your valuable time because you DO NOT want to enter this contest. Right?? :-)


For full contest details, check out:

Kitchen and Residential Design


Mrs B said...

Kelly, you are just too funny! Knowing your talent and style of writing, you will give yourself the best chance at winning that prize.
Good Luck and you have no competition from me as it would cost double that just to ship to Australia!
Mrs B

Paul Anater said...

My only regret about hosting this thing Kelly is that I can't win it :( Good luck!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh good luck Kelly I hope you win, that would be wonderful. Hugs, Marty

Fifi Flowers said...

Great hood! Paul is doing a great contest!

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