March 22, 2009

The Ultimate in Recycling

recycling-image-smallEveryone knows that it’s important it to recycle!!DSC01434

Here in our home we sort plastic, paper, tin and yard waste (in the summer) for weekly (or bi-weekly) pick-up and this summer we’ll be installing a composter in the backyard (looking forward to this!). We’ve also made a huge effort to reuse materials in our renovation projects. Perhaps the most visible example of this is our oak flooring – we sourced out oak strips from a local salvage yard that matched the original floor in our living room, using the strips to carry the flooring into our hallway. Once we have the entire floor (old and “new”) re-sanded and stained it’ll look fantastic!

But let me show you what I think is the ultimate in recycling!

DSC01398A few weeks back Brian and I were driving past a section of 6th Avenue (New Westminster, BC) where workers were removing beautiful mature trees. What were they doing?! That’s when we saw these signs.

Forget reclaimed oak strip flooring… how about a reclaimed house!!

Two old houses (1912 & 1920 respectively), sitting on the edge of a beautiful and historic neighbourhood here in New Westminster called Queen’s Park (I’ll take you on a neighbourhood tour once the trees bloom!), are up for sale & relocation! These houses are listed on the city’s heritage resource inventory so they can’t be torn down. Historic preservation is key.

Many of you will remember my post about a beautiful heritage-house filled neighbourhood in the city of Vancouver – and you’ll also recall my professed love of old homes. While far from lovely to look at, these two houses are no exception. I can totally see the potential in them!! How about you?

DSC01394 DSC01399


Of the two houses, the seafoam green Craftsman is my absolute fave! Of course the Foursquare would be fantastic if the enclosed porch was restored to it’s original beauty. Ahhh I love houses!! :-)

Now I was curious, though… how would the houses be moved? I found out that relocating a house is a big undertaking but that it’s entire feasible with good planning and cooperation between the city and the contractor hired to orchestrate the move.

The following photos are feature moves found on the website of house moving specialists Nickel Bros. House Moving Ltd. Nickel Bros. is located here in the Pacific Northwest.

img00018 3a

turnonroad kitsbeach


The magnitude of these moves is massive – and overwhelming if you think about all that is involved… prep to lift and move the house (chimneys dismantled, windows and doors secured and lots of other stuff I can’t even imagine!)… then comes the lifting, mounting the house on the truck… moving the house down the street would involve the temporary relocation of powerlines (we have them here in New West, most municipalities would have them underground) and/or street lights. A route would have to be planned that’s wide enough to accommodate the house, too. Yikes!

So what happens when the movers get the house to it’s new location? Well… they place it on it’s new foundation :-)

Take a look at this house – it was moved from Esquimalt (neighbouring city to Victoria, BC) to Pender Island where it was restored and later opened as Nosey Point Inn B&B. Absolutely lovely locale!

feature11 nosey1

Seeing this charming house on it’s beautiful new lot makes me wonder where the two New West houses will be relocated and how they’ll look in their new locations! You know… I think I’m going to connect with the property management company that owns the homes and see if I can be kept in the loop. Maybe they’ll let me come and take some pics of the moves so that I can share them with our DesignTies readers!

In the mean time, I cruised some of the neighbourhoods of New Westminster searching for similar houses in the hopes that I could show you just how lovely these two diamonds in the rough can be!

DSC01403 DSC01409

DSC01421 DSC01424

Here’s to Recycling, Reusing and Reducing out of Respect for our environment!

And don't forget to participate in Earth Hour on March 28th. Help save the planet!!

Victoria from EdinDesign Interiors


The House That A-M Built said...

Oh, we recycled the little house that was on our block, before we started building our new house. I had watched a demolition in our previous neighbourhood and it was just devastating... and the sound...horrific. I swore that the original house on our block, would not suffer the same fate... so we advertised a 'free house'. The arrangement was that, "you can have my house for free as long as you leave the block clear". Our original little house is now a Bed and Breakfast, second dwelling, on the outskirts of town. The new owners are coming over for a champagne when we move into our new home to celebrate our recycle! Such a win-win situation and a new life for a little house! A-M xx

Kris said...

The seafoam green is my favorite of the two and if anyone wants to load it up and bring it to TN I'll find the perfect spot for it and give it much love.

Have a happy day


livingwithstyle said...

That is amazing how they move these house! I love old houses - they just don't make them like this anymore. Lot of McMansions with no soul...for everyone that is built like these!

Tarun Kumar said...

Nice Article. Keep it up. But I think this is copy of your topic recycling process

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