November 22, 2009

Patti’s Bathroom-Reno Update

What fun!!!

My client Patti and I hit the plumbing store yesterday where we found the perfect sink, a deep tub and (possibly) a sleek toilet for her new, renovated bathroom!


I suppose it doesn’t look like much, but this under-mount sink will be perfect for the vanity I’ve designed for Patti’s bathroom. We thought seriously about a stylish basin or bowl style sink but in the end we both agreed that combined with the beautiful quartz counter, an under-mount sink would look slick and contemporary. Besides, the tiles that we’ve chosen for above the vanity will be all the eye candy needed!!

And here’s the tub that we’ll purchase to replace the sad almond-coloured one currently in Patti’s bathroom. It’s a simple tub with clean lines… and it’s nice and deep. Patti didn’t want jets in the tub, but she loved the idea of soaking up to her neck in this baby!





And a quick boo at the toilet we’re considering. Jury is still out… but we’ll have to make a decision very soon!





Now… how about some bling?!


Three different types of 1x1” glass, stainless steel and marble, this is the mosaic tile we’ve chosen for over the vanity… it’ll be set from counter all the way to the ceiling!

Patti loves it!!

In the photo above I’ve set the mosaic tiles next to the matte white 4x12” subway tiles we’ll use around the bathtub… we’ll also take a row of three of these mosaics tiles, sandwich them DSCF0062between these (right) fantastic listello tiles I originally showed you in my earlier Patti’s Bathroom (planning) post, and place a row about eye level around the tub surround.

I think it’ll be absolutely fantastic!! What do you think??

Finally… the floor tile.




We originally chose this terrific porcelain tile that looks like cork – it would have been great in the space, really grounding the almost all white room but unfortunately it doesn’t come in the size that we want.



So now we’re back on the search for a floor tile. Patti likes the idea of a white slate. Definitely a possibility – with the dark wood cabinetry and everything else in white… could look good! BUT… I’m already having difficulty finding it. I’ll keep looking, though…


Graydon – our builder – starts in early December with a complete gut of the bathroom… and we’re aiming for 90% completion of the project on December 20th. I’ll be sure to share photos of you as the project progresses!!

Be sure to come back for updates!!



Maria Killam said...

I love what you chose!! You are a talent Victoria!

Kat said...

This is going to be stunning. Love the tiles, especially the mosaic - it is very striking. And I think white slate would look fabulous for the floor. Can't wait to see this finished project! Kathy

qerat said...

It's going to look great :)

Susan said...

Hi Victoria,

I love all the clean lines of the fixtures you chose and the beautiful mosaic tiles. The bathroom is going to look beautiful and sleek with those combinations.
I've never seen the white slate floor tiles either. I like them.... alot!

Greet Lefèvre said...

The bath tiles will be great! I am sure of that! Can't wait to see the result of that bathroom!

DesignTies said...

OK, so like, you're TOTALLY copying my friend's bathroom plans, right down to the timeframe!! ;-P


Unknown said...

This is really great shopping and selections. It will look fantastic. Can't wait to see the finished production.

Splendid Willow said...

What is not to like! It is going to be fabulous!
Stylish & chic! Can't wait to see the final product.

Happy week & happy thanksgiving ladies!


Anonymous said...

Love iT
Could you tell me where you found the mixed mosaic tile? I am looking for exactly it!

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