November 24, 2009

DWTS: My guilty pleasure

We all have it — that guilty pleasure that we hate to admit to. Mine is Dancing With the Stars. Every week after Drafting class, I crank up the PVR and watch DWTS till midnight.


I don’t really have a favourite couple, but I COULD NOT STAND Joanna Krupa & Derek. Joanna’s constant kiss-blowing to the audience and the judges grated on my nerves. Plus she’s totally lacking in the charisma department. Even though I’ve been rooting for Kelly Osbourne, I’m surprised she made it as far as the finals. You go, girl!!

DWTS kelly

And I’ve been rooting for Donny too. He was my first celebrity crush… I remember kissing his face on the TV screen during the Donny & Maria show. Hehehe!! I was definitely a little bit rock & roll!! I even had the Donny & Marie dolls and Donny & Marie albums. And hey, the guy wears purple socks, how can you not love that?! ;-)


You gotta admire a guy who’s over 50 and can keep up with performers who are half his age…

So tonight is the big DWTS finale. The mirrored disco ball trophy will go to either Kelly, Donny, or Mya. I have a feeling Donny will be hoisting the trophy. I’m sure he has a huge fan base voting for him, plus let’s face it, the guy is a born entertainer. I think Mya will come in second, and Kelly third.

What’s your DWTS prediction??

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Ha! Kissed the screen, did you? : ) My guilty pleasure is Ghost Whisperer. Not sure how much longer I'll be watching though. I find myself saying, "now this is getting a little unbelievable", which is sad, considering the show is about someone who can talk to and help ghosts cross over and anyone in their right mind would think it is unbelievable to begin with!

Christy said...

I have never seen it! Or most other shows....except those on HGTV. Or SciFi. Hehe.

puna said...

Are you kidding me Kelly? I LOVE DANCING WITH THE STARS! This is very very weird. I'll post photos of my kitchen tiles soon.

Anyway, I think Donny Osmond is going to win. He's actually my favorite.


Michelle said...

Well, I've just watched snippits of the show, but I can't beleive the weight loss of each of the performers! Kelly Osborne looks amazing! Maybe I should take up dancing!!!

I was going to say happy thanksgiving...LOL...from one canadian to another. I did buy my first couple of Christmas presents about you guys?


Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

OK - have to say I haven't watched any of this show - except for the clip in your post. And WOW - Donny rocks!

My guilty pleasure - well I have a few - The Amazing Race, The Tudors and The Good Wife.

Unknown said...

I've been watching and Donny done good! I'm so happy for these last three making it to the finals. Good group, Kelly's grown, Mya's explanded her range and Donny full filled a dream.

Age is just a number that people throw back at you (when they know how old you are) because they're jealous of your appeal. So keep it real and don't reveal!


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