November 8, 2009

Autumn grasses

I love ornamental grasses. I’ve planted about five different kinds in front of our house. I have no idea what this one is called, but I absolutely love how fluffy it gets in the fall…

grass fluffy 3

grass fluffy 1

grass fluffy 2

Check out the little guy just hangin’ out…

grasses bug 3 

grasses bug 2

grasses bug 1

You might remember that back in the spring, I bought soma juncus effusus — also known as the bad hair day plant. I’ve moved them from the back patio to the front porch, along with a pot of another mystery grass... I really should pay closer attention to the little tags that come with the plants!!

grasses porch

What plants are you enjoying this fall??


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puna said...

Mums come out in the fall here in Maryland. I love them but I can never seem to get keep them alive.

Christy said...

I love autumn grasses too, but my favorite plant of all grows indoors (in my house) all year long: the aloe plant! :-)

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

I've brought my effusus inside - one is thriving and the other - not so much. (My daughters enjoy pointing the pland out to each other when they are over!)

Most of my outdoor plants have said good-bye for the season. The magnolia has already got next season's buds ready to go (talk about organized!) and it looks like it's going to be a banner year in 2010!

Love the orange pots!!!

Maya said...

I still get a kick out of that plant's name..., "bad hair day"! I'm enjoying the little rose bush my husband planted. It blooms like crazy right now..., and the few cold days we've had didn't seem to bother it one bit..., and now it's almost summer again here in the North East of USA.

DesignTies said...

Thanks for letting me know about your favourite plants :-) It's been warm here in Ottawa too -- making up for our crappy summer!! ;-)


Maria Killam said...

those are fabulous! I love grasses too, contemporary homes always have them in abundance!

mrsben said...

I am not much of a Gardner, so Grasses naturally happen to be one of my favs but don't even mention Oak Trees to me. :)

(Now back to collecting up the leaves. LOL)

Diane Schuller said...

I too love grasses but we're only 'enjoying' snow these days. Plants have been gone since September up here. I look forward to when we retire and can move south -- grasses will be one of the first things I buy.

Gayle said...

I really like those grasses. I had a couple of ornamental grasses, but they don't look so good at this time of year.

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