May 5, 2009

What would you do with this dining room??

question-mark I’ve been stumped on what to do with our dining room since last summer. Hubby installed the wainscoting, I painted it, and that’s where things stopped. I’ve had all sorts of colour scheme and design ideas since then… I’ve pretty much finally decided that the room needs purple and a touch of Hollywood glam :-)

Here’s the very sad-looking dining room. As you can see, there’s a lot of over-spray from painting the wainscoting. Whoops!!! (After hubby sprayed on the primer, we decided it would be better to paint it the old-fashioned way after all.) The table & chairs and chandelier are staying. There’s also a little mirrored console table that I’m planning to use in the room. There’s not really enough space for a sideboard, unless it’s on the small side. And it can’t go on the wall where the mirror is, because there isn’t enough space between the chairs and the wall. The room is about 16’ x 11’ and the window faces the street and gets southern light.


These are my inspiration rooms. I LOVE the purple ceiling in this first picture. My idea here would be to paint the ceiling a similar shade of purple (I still can’t remember where I found this picture)…

purple ceiling

…and I’d add just a few touches of vibrant purple to the room with the curtains and the upholstered seats on the chairs, kind of like this…

livingetc silk style[2]

The upper walls would be painted a creamy white in a matte finish that matches the background of the wallpaper I’ve bought for the long wall – Darcy from Graham & Brown….


This is the dining room that Sarah Richardson decorated on the first season of Sarah’s House. This wallpapered wall is a bit different than mine with the niche, but the overall look is similar to what I’m going for…

DR wallpaper

I love this room designed David Collins. It’s not a dining room, but the colour scheme is fantastic and would work just as well in a dining room, I think…

David Collins 41

The dilemma with this design is, what colours do I use on the wall and the trim?? The wainscoting and trim are currently pure white in a semi-gloss finish. Do I keep the white and just paint the upper walls dark gray… or re-paint the wainscoting dark gray and the upper walls white… or paint the walls, wainscoting, and trim all dark gray. What do you think??

I came across this clutch on Etsy — I love this fabric!! It’s by Stroheim and Romann. I think it would work with either of the designs I’m contemplating…

DR fabric 2

DR fabric 1

And finally, I found these two fabrics yesterday that I could use to recover the chair seats. The purple in each of them is too different for them to work together. So, it would be one or the other… and would probably also mean a different design than the two I’ve been contemplating. The first fabric is by Master Fabrics Ltd and is called Ego

circles close

This one is also from Master Fabrics Ltd. and is called Wasabi

stripes close

Side-by-side comparison

side by side

To give you an idea of how the chairs would look with each of them….

chair circleschair stripes

One more thing — the living room is right across the hallway from the dining room and is a mirror image of the dining room. So there really needs to be some connection between the two rooms…


So that’s where I am with the dining room. I’d love to hear what you think — if you have any suggestions, please let me know :-) If I don’t get it done soon, it’ll probably sit there naked and neglected until the fall…



Maria Killam said...

I like the idea of a purple ceiling with gray walls above the wainscotting. then either fabric you've chosen on the chairs will match perfectly. The purple ceiling would be completely unexpected and fab!


OMG, your living room is Fabulous! I agree with Maria, purple ceiling and gray walls, with the Ego circle fabric..... What are you waiting for? Get r done!

again your living room is amazing, can't wait to see the dinning room completed!


qerat said...

If that is what the living room looks like you should go with the same beautiful style you already have. Adding purple will only make it more beautiful.
I would go with a solid color for the chairs though, or the stripe to keep everything simple and I would use the space infront of the window. why not place that console there?

Unknown said...

What an amazing chair!! Check out this one too for Antique Dining Chairs.

amariaf2000 said...

WOW - doesn't the wainscoting help to connect the rooms? I'm not a decorator by any stretch, but I remember one of the first blogs I read of yours contained some PHENOMINAL wallpaper w/ a hit of shimmer and circles. That would look hollywood glam to me - especially with a mirrored piece and that wonderful chandelier!! Could you do a white on white shimmer wallpaper and a purple ceiling like in the one picture of that kitchen? And some fab drapes for your bay window. No matter, it's going to be gorgeous and I can't wait to see your end result. Please come to NC and decorate my "man house" - I moved into my hubby's house when we got married. I'm a feminine beachy girl, he's an earth tone man...

mrsben said...

Your d/room is going to be fabulous Kelly.

In my humble opinion due to the dimension of the room, I feel lighting will play a major role in the colors/tones that you are considering. I love the idea of the purple ceiling and being a Southern exposure it shud most probably work. Sorry I can't help you out re that paint color, but know that Sarah used two whites in her d/room. (ICI Paint 50YY83/029 Natural White on the walls & 50YY73/075 (French White) on the trim. As it is only paint (a quick fix) I think I wud also be tempted to go gray above the wainscotting.

I like both your choices of fabric, however if adding an area carpet in the future (?), you may want to wait before doing the chairs. -Brenda-

P.S: Re my question yesterday. I emailed you earlier this a.m.

Tom Erdman said...

The purple ceiling looks fantastic, but a large portion of that impact is in the contrast of dark and light. Your floors and furniture being dark will reduce that impact. Purple is a hard color when you're working with other dark colors, so you're dealing with transition of color, not contrast. So, I think I would use it complement, not the major element in the room. I can't believe I just wrote that.

sybil law said...

I'd definitely be painting the ceiling silver (Ralph Lauren makes great silver paint), the walls a darkish lilac, and put in some creamy drapes. Not sure I'd use either of those fabrics on the chairs - I'd keep them fairly neutral, or one color - maybe a violet?!
Anyway, there's my two cents. Your home is lovely!

Lisa (aka) French said...

Purple ceiling, gray walls and the circle fabric for curtains and the stripe for seat That's my vote;) French

wide open spaces said...

I can't remember where I saw it - but i have long remembered this fabulous plum colored room. The color was very deep and it had a lacquer finish. Yes, that's right. It was insanity and jaw-dropping gorgeous. If i were you I would so both the upper walls and ceiling. The light reflected from that (fantastic) chandelier would be high drama.



Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Whoa, that's gorgeous!

I like the idea of the purple ceiling.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Your dining room looks a LOT like mine, so I'm eager to hear everyone's ideas for yours and see what you eventually come up with! :-)

Kat said...

Kelly, this room is going to be gorgeous. I have no idea what to suggest, I come to you guys for advice and ideas lol! I'm just happy that I got another look at the fabulous living room. I love both of the fabrics, but lean toward the circle print more. Can't wait to see the finish. Kathy

janet said...

kelly im not even going to comment, your rooms are just too far out of my decor talents, lol I just know whatever you come up with will be gorgeous! thanks so much for stopping over to wish us a Happy Anniversary. Oh and your duvet post, i laughed my freaking head off, sorry i know its not funny that is exactly why i have not used one in about 14 years.

DesignTies said...

Great feedback, thanks everyone!! It's interesting to read all your different ideas and suggestions :-)

Looks like the purple ceiling is getting a thumbs up -- that's good, because I really like the idea of a purple ceiling too :-) Just not the idea of actually painting it!!

It might be a little while before I get the dining room done, but I promise I'll post pics as soon as it's finished :-)

Thanks again!!


Velvet and Linen said...

Love your inspiration Kelly.
I'd keep the wainscot white and either paint the walls grey and do a wallpaper above.I also like the idea of an all white room with a colored ceiling and draperies with that same accent color.

Have you thought about painting your chairs? Most of the images you show have light colored chairs.

Can't wait to see what you do!


Outside The Lines said...

Oh wow! What a great room this will be!! So many cool places to go off from that chandelier. This may sound "off the wall", but I see rich velvets and textures with silver nails. And I'm not referring to the chairs. In some major accent or even somewhere on the walls...

M2JL :: STUDIO said...

Great room. I love the wainscoting. I also love the purple ceiling idea. I thinks it would look great in your room. Have you though about a purple chandelier? (Definitely a great conversation piece).

I too think the gray walls would look nice and relate to the living room better.

For the chairs I think it would be neat to spray paint them white and then use the first fabric (Ego) to cover the seats. The color palette in that fabric reads more glam than the other one. Adding some glass and/or mirrored items will definitely add more glam.

Changing the color of the existing mirror to silver as opposed to gold would modernize it and make it a better match to the living room. Also changing the window treatment. Maybe roman blinds using a fabric that complement the fabric on the chair?

I'm looking forward to see the final result


Ruby said...

I wouldn't go too dark with the paint because you really want the beautiful wallpaper to the wow factor. I do like the idea of painting the out the trim and walls the same colour...maybe a similar tone to the colour on the top half of the walls in the living room? Would you consider painting the chairs out? I love the idea of the dark table and light chairs with some sort of purple fabric on them...a beautiful silk/velvet stripe. I really think the room is screaming for a rug as well. Purple ceiling sounds great. Would you be going the same purple as the picture or a silvery purple? I can't wait to see the room done. I'm sure it'll be beautiful.

Danica said...

Hi Kelly,

I'm going for the same look, albeit in my bedroom. Purple and Hollywood glam. Your blog and the comments have given me new ideas. My main obstacle now is my floor. While I see you have brown hardwood, which I guess could be considered neutral, I have a dark blue stained hardwood. I love it and don't want to change it. I'm hoping that I can come up with a colour scheme involving the blue floor, purple and silver with glass/mirror accents. Any suggestions?

Thanks, loving the blog!


Danica said...

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for your prompt response. Nothing is written in stone, purple is one of my favourite colours, it just seemed obvious to include it in my decor. I was thinking of mirrored furniture and a mirror with mirror frame. Love that style. I like the way you think, I hadn't thought about cream yet. There definitely will be some sparkle. I'm going for a luxurious, glamorous and feminine look.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

I've been looking around for the chandelier (circle motif) from the Hometown Heroes Lottery house designed by Sarah Richardson and in your living room. I can't find it anywhere. Would you be able to tell me who makes it and where it is available?

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