May 14, 2009

Ready… set… GARDEN!!

garden shed close up flickr

It’s that time of the week again… time for the Hooked on Fridays blog party hosted by Julia at Hooked on Houses!! :-)

Not only is it the beginning of the weekend, it’s even better — it’s the May long weekend here in Canada (Victoria Day is next Monday) :-) And that means two things — an extra day off and it’s time to garden!!!

Perennials have been growing for a while, but traditionally we don’t plant annuals here in Eastern Ontario until the third weekend in May. Theoretically, by this time all danger of overnight frost should be past. Although I remember a few years ago madly trying to cover up all my flowers with tarp because Mother Nature decided to go all nasty on us. She can be such a…. meanie ;-) (Well guess what – Environment Canada has issued a “special weather warning” for frost on Monday!! Mother Nature is way worse than a meanie!!!!!! Grrrrr…..)

So in honour of the big gardening weekend, this week I’m hooked on garden sheds (with a few little garden houses thrown in for good measure). I found a TON of pictures that I wanted to post, but there’s just too many to include them all. If you’d like to check out all the pictures I found, click on the photo album below…

Let’s start off with this humble little stone garden shed ;-) It’s at Oxborough Hall on the National Trust Property in Norfolk, England…


And a few more stone garden sheds…

garden shed large old gwerny fed

garden shed stone flickr

potting shed stone rustic landscpaing co uk



Colourful sheds…

gardens-steelshed oregon liveStaffgardening-shed telegraph co ukgarden shed shed style 2garden shed shed stylegarden shed diana stratton design garden she flickr 1

garden shed the grow spot

A modern garden shed (actually a garden room)…

garden room baekdalgarden room the qube 1 garden room the qube 2

Lots of charming wood garden sheds… I love the first one with the weathered gray cedar shingles and crisp white trellis and trim…

garden shed 2bnmaine

Pretty flowers

garden shed brown flickr garden shed country living 2


Does anyone else think this one loos like it has two eyeballs??


I think this one is actually a little bunkhouse, but it’s cute and the purple flowers are pretty, so let’s call it a garden shed and include here :-)

garden_shed hungry horse ranch

garden_shed hungry horse ranch 2.jpg

garden shed rustic flickr


garden shed white flowers flickr

garden shed wood siding country living

Cool hedge in front of this shed…

garden-shed lakeview garden centre

Neat perspective in this shot with the gloves in the foreground and the shed in the background…

garden shed gloves flickr

No garden, all shed — and gorgeous blue sky!!

garden shed HDR flickr

A slighty-askew shed…

garden shed white flickr

Sheds with pink flowers…

garden shed gus and other things blog   garden shed just our pictures 

garden-shed country living

This garden shed is in Ottawa and was featured in the Feb/Mar 2009 issue of Ottawa Magazine (The 2009 Interiors Edition). I love the bright red door and how it echoes the red flowers in the yard…

garden shed ottawa mag 2

garden shed ottawa mag

A garden shed in a beautiful setting by the water

garden shed water flickr

A square shed with a pointy roof. It looks like it even has curtains in the window…

garden shed pointy roof flickr

Super-cute thatched roof garden shed. Love the gray bench in front of it…


A quirky garden shed…

Garden shed used for repotting plants1 rusticway

Is it just me, or do you find there’s something appealing about old, weathered, neglected/run down buildings?? I’m sure they have a story to tell if you just dig in a bit…

garden shed gray flickr


And finally, I have to include this lovely white shed that’s been featured in Country Living and on numerous blogs. It began as a potting shed and was transformed into a greenhouse complete with a tempered-glass roof and chandelier!!

country living 1

country living 2

country living 3country living 5country living 4

One last shed before leaving… 

garden shed side flickr

Now let’s all get out there and dig some dirt!! Oh, but before digging, head back to Hooked on Houses to see what everyone else is hooked on this week :-)


Unless otherwise noted, all pictures from Flickr

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Terry said...

Good grief. I think that the more beat up they are, the more I like them. The more open they are the better. My dad would call a closed up garden shed a snaky place - look before you rush in.

Pauline Wiles said...

You're spot on, the shed you mentioned certainly does have eyeballs, and the door handles look like a couple of nostrils to me!
Never in a million years would I have put a chandelier in there, (that's why I'm Struggling, not Stylish!) but of course it's breath-taking.
And that first one, the National Trust shed, is quite likely their tearoom, offering amazing cakes and scones. Even more excuse to visit!

Puna said...

Wow, where do you find these photos? We're getting a new shed soon I hope. When we do, I'm going to paint it some crazy colors!

mrsben said...

Such an assortment! Kind of like people. :)
Great pics Kelly.

(Hope the weather is better than yesterday.)

Michelle, All Home and Love said...

Beautiful! I love the one with the purple door and all the foliage surrounding it. Just perfect.

Still Learning said...

Oh my, those were just fabulous!! You actually made me want to go build a pottying shed. Just gorgeous....


Christy said...

I love that blue and white striped one from the UK, the modern garden 'room' - I would just love to live in a house with that much room in the back yard! And all the slightly dilapidated ones steal my heart. Love them.

We tore down our disgustingly old shed a few years ago, and have yet to re-build...

Happy Victoria Day! Enjoy your long weekend!

Janis@An Inspired Life said...

Hi Kelly,

I usually hate sheds (the hubby says I'm an anti-shedite)as I find the Home Depot style most use to be a huge eyesore, not to mention it would take up half our postage-stamp size yard. But your pics have made me a convert......I'd be proud to have anyone of those beauties in our backyard!!

Have yourself a wonderful long weekend....and hopefully Environ. Can is wrong about the frost warning!!

Unknown said...

This stopped me dead in my tracks and swooning would be an understatement. Wow how lovely and I'm going back for another look see!

Blessings and a Happy Weekend to you - Debbie

Unknown said...

Every one of these pictures is absolutely beautiful! I must have a garden shed right now! The stone sheds were my faves!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

You outdid yourself with this one kiddo! All those images evokes great thought & memories. My father had a terrific garden shed w/shakes at their home in WA State. Sure miss it. I adore the modern version with the dalmatian perched on the chair.
Have a beautiful weekend!!

amariaf2000 said...

I will gladly take any of these humble sheds!! I love gardening, but I am petrified of slithers (aka snakes). I saw one yesterday and about came out of my skin.
~angela @ peonypatch

Blue Muse said...

Hi Kelly!
Garden sheds are one of those things that make my heart beat a little faster, and you found some fabulous ones! Have a great weekend with your hands in the dirt - sometimes there is nothing better!
Happy weekend!
xo Isa

DesignTies said...

Loving your sheds, Kelly! Brian and I would like a shed but we have too much hard and landscaping to do in the backyard first before we'll know if we can fit one in and where it would go! Given the rate we're going, could be a few years! Yikes!
Victoria ~ Your Blog Partner ;-)

mrsben said...

Hi Kelly me again. Re your Vienna Way Landscaping and More posting and my comment about basements; I found the specs on Sarah's and posted them on that page in case you are interested. (I had them filed away for reference.) -Brenda-

Daly Essentials said...

ohh that modern garden room is stunning!

Pauline Wiles said...

Your wonderful shed posting made the rusty wheels of my brain turn and I remembered a photo of the garden shed where we used to live in England. I've posted it at Struggling to be Stylish and hope you get chance to take a peek!

Fifi Flowers said...

These are some VERY FASHIONABLE sheds!!! LOVE THEM!!!

Edwina said...

Love love LOVE these sheds. I want one NOW! That little 'quirky' one is just gorgeous.

Sigh. Puts that old tin one down the back of my garden to shame!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. That quirky garden shed is just delightful!

Gayle said...

Those are some incredible sheds! We used to have a really wonderful shed. It had housed a couple of horses a long time ago. My husband had to tear it down because it was so old and in such poor structural shape, it was dangerous.

ImagineCozy said...

I love garden sheds! They are so perfect for fixing up and they add so much character to your garden.
Your photos were WONDERFUL! I so enjoyed the the little trip. Thanks

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

Wonderful sheds Kelly - and a great subject for the long weekend! Can't wait to get my hands in the dirt.....

Shed Plans said...

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