May 20, 2009

Anticipating an Empty Nest

It happens to every parent eventually… our birds fly the coop… and my young rooster, Matt, will be moving out in about 6 months. I’m actually excited for him to experience life away from Mom but as you can imagine, a lot of my emotions are mixed about the whole thing. For example, today I was walking past a “for rent” sign for a basement suite just down the street. Perfect! Close enough to home that I’ll be sure to see him regularly! Ya… right. I hardly see him NOW. Besides, I’m absolutely positive that he wants to move a little further away from home!! ;-)

Shortly after we moved into our little house Matt asked me to do some research around what we could do with his room. He was excited with some of the rooms I found – just the kind of space he’d want. Now that he’ll be moving out (and because we’re doing a complete gut of the basement where his room currently is) I won’t be decorating his room… so I thought I’d share with all of you some of the rooms that inspired both of us.

The look he’s interested in is pretty simplistic, with warm/dark shades, hints of colour (at least he’d want a little colour) and clean lines… he already has the perfect bed frame… maybe I’ll be able to do something for his rental.

Of course he’ll have to keep his room clean to look as good as these bedrooms!

bedroom 1


Bedroom 2


blue-contemporary-bedroom-furniture Bedroom 3



modern-bedroom 2

I should note: I’ve had these photos on file for about a year now and didn’t take note of where I found them from. Forgive me!

Poor me… my only kiddy will be leaving me soon.

BUT that means that once the basement is rebuilt I’ll have a guest room to decorate!!

Hey… gotta look for the positive in every negative! :-)

Victoria from EdinDesign Interiors


Kat said...

I just love these inspiration rooms! Matt obviously inherited Mom's good taste. That first room in particular, what a view! Cait's been out of the house for 3 years now, and I still haven't redone her room - right now it is a climate controlled storage shed lol. Kathy

mrsben said...

These are beautiful bedrooms and with just a little tweaking, wud be perfect for either gender.
From experience Victoria, don't be surprised if you are commissioned to decorate his new diggs.
My children left the nest quite a few years ago within two weeks of one another and it ended up to be a juggling act, painting 'n sewing etc.

Christy said...

Victoria - those are beautiful bedrooms, all of them, but a little minimalist for my taste. I absolutely love that orange wall behind that one headboard. It seriously makes me want to repaint my room that same way! Love it! I can't even imagine what it must be like for you knowing your only child is moving out soon...since our only child (so far) is just a baby! If he (and you) fix up his new place, I'd love to see it on here!

Anonymous said...

I love the European style and recently bought a nice platform bed -- love it compared to the tall, pillowy, fluffy look :) I love the clean lines and simplicity of most of these.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Great design choices 'mom'. My son (also a Matt) will be graduating from college in June & may just be moving back home if the job market does not improve very soon! Sometimes I wonder if I will truly ever have an empty nest?! I guess I need to be careful what I wish for!! Hope your Matt does not move too far Victoria? (:

Maria Killam said...

Love that orange accent wall, those bedrooms are really great all of them actually! Great post!

Maya@Completely Coastal said...

Me too, love the one with the orange accent wall. My sister's last child (out of three) left the nest last year also, and since then she's taken the plunge into self employment, building her own real estate business.

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