November 29, 2009

Visions of Sugar-Plums… (or “The Best Way to Avoid Your Homework”)

If you’re visiting from Susan’s blog “Rooms that Work” – Welcome!

It’s a Holiday Inspiration blog party and DesignTies is participating!! Why not participate yourself? Just head to Susan’s place :-)

I hope you enjoy the images I’ve pulled together (below).

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Maybe that person will be you!! Be sure to enter!!


Now… a little Holiday Inspiration!


I have so much homework to do!!

Yet all I can think about on this sleepy Sunday – apart from Patti’s bathroom remodel and ALL THE THINGS I have to do before we start demolition next Thursday!!!! – is Christmas decorating! Twinkling lights, wreaths for the doors, stars, bells & sparkly ornaments along with my much-loved heirloom fruit garland in the tree, boughs and bows on the mantle, and beautiful angels everywhere… I love decorating for Christmas!

[07.12.24] Fireplace 9

HAHA! Okay… not like this!

This was how we spent the first Christmas in our little house. We’d started the remodel of our fireplace (I’d tiled), but we were waiting for the millworker to deliver our beautiful mantle.

Hey! I TRIED to decorate!! :-)

Last year was so much better, don’t-cha think?!!

Xmas 2008 5

So… true to my homework-procrastinating self (sorry Maria [from Colour me Happy, my Colour Theory instructor]!!), I talked my fella Brian into helping me hang exterior lights on the house!

DSCF0118What a trooper my guy is! Of course I only had the use of my handy man until 3:00pm because that’s when the Grey Cup game started. For our non-Canadian readers, the Grey Cup is the Super Bowl of Canada; the two best CFL football teams vying for the ultimate prize!! Our favourite team didn’t make it to the big game, so we’re rooting for Saskatchewan… Go Green!! Go RoughRiders!!

Enough football. My guy’s pass-times are taking over my life!!

But that’s okay - ‘cause my love of home remodelling is taking over HIS life!! Poor man!

Let’s get back to the topic at hand… and NO I don’t mean my homework!!

Over the last week so many of my favourite blogs have been posting beautifully and festively decorated homes. No wonder the idea of creating some holiday spirit in MY home is so prevalent in my mind!! I won’t be pulling the decorations down from the attic until next weekend, but I can temporarily avoid my homework by sharing some wonderful photos I found that are influencing some of my decorating plans…






BHG 11

BHG 17 BHG 1





So… Have you started your Holiday decorating yet?

Getting back to my homework now… really!!



Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

These pictures are so pretty, Victoria! Now get back to your homework! ; )

Kat said...

What beautiful inspiration photos! The room with the white brick fireplace and simple magnolia leaf (?) candles is dreamy! I'm sure your instructor would understand that you were simply doing research, right? Have a great week. Kathy

Porchlight Interiors said...

Yes, I have my tree up, but as we will be moving straight after Christmas, I have not been getting carried away.

Janis@White Alder[Home] said...

I've hit the mother-load of inspirational pics! Great job Victoria I LOVE them all and am certainly in the mood to decorate............thanks for the eye candy.

Have a super day.
PS: your fireplace is lovely, great job.

Carolyn said...

I love your fireplace makeover-I am trying to get brave enough to paint the brick fireplace in our livingroom and then I will have to work on my husband to let me change it.
I love the pics especially the last one.
And yes I have been decorating for Christmas for the past week and it made a big mess for a few days and I was wondering if I was crazy putting it all up and now that it is mostly done I am loving the coziness of it all!
Take care,

Verdigris Vie said...

you know - I am in no rush to decorate - I'll just do a little bit at a time. We get a fresh tree just a couple of weeks before Christmas.. i am going to put my wreath up tomorrow, Dec 1 - and enjoy something special every day!

Lovely images !

Christy said...

So pretty - and I do like your first fireplace picture too! They all look lovely! I started and finished my decorating yesterday. An abbreviated version of our normal decorations, due to the toddler running loose in our house, and the baby in my belly!

Danica said...

I guess I'm doing a bit of procrastinating as well. I'm working on it, never really sure if I'm going about it the right way. We'll see on Wednesday, right?

Thanks for posting all those Christmas pictures. I'm quite anxious to get home and decorate my parents house. (There will be pictures of the finished project on my blog)

Kami Tremblay said...

Wow! Alright, time to start crackin'! Thanks for a great post!

San Francisco Interior Design said...

Hey Girls I'm new here to your blog buta veteran at interior design, I wanted to extend a warm welcome and see how the other half of us live. C'mon down out of the snow for a bit and let's grab a cup of coffee. I look forward to seeing more of your work soon. Happy holidays from your San Francisco Interior Design

Lindsey said...

Love the pictures, love them all. Love your mantle.

Christmas decorating is so fun, but so much work!

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