November 21, 2009

Our much-loved new addition!

Last month – for my birthday – my husband and I purchased one of my favourite types of trees for planting into our front yard ~ a Japanese Bloodgood Maple.


We love our little tree!

This photo was taken on the day we brought our little wee lovely home. She still had some of her beautiful red leaves on her, but her upper-most branches were already bare. Darned autumn!! ;-)

We planted her a few days later…

Even though our front yard isn’t ready for other plantings, we knew that fall was the best time to plant a tree. Next spring we’ll bring in some great soil for planting our lawn… and while our wonderful maple is blooming with vibrant new leaves, our ground will be a lovely, delicate fresh green!


She may be a small tree, but she needed a BIG hole!!

Our pup Simon HAD to investigate – but don’t worry, he didn’t claim her as his own!!


Nature has taken most of her leaves, but she looks great in her new home!!


PLEASE IGNORE the base of the stairs (we’re cladding it in a faux stone next summer) and the unfinished retaining wall (we need to rent a special saw to finish the caps)…

But I think you get the idea… our wonderful little tree will be stunning as it fills out!!

We love it!!

I hope you come back to DesignTies on Sunday… I’ll be sharing some updates on my client Patti’s bathroom remodel. We’ve made some beautiful tile choices that I’m excited to show you, and tomorrow afternoon we’re going sink shopping!! And yes… I’m bringing my camera! So much to share!!



Kat said...

Victoria, that tree is going to look glorious against the greys, creams and blacks of your home. Everything is really coming together nicely. Can't wait to see what you're doing on the bathroom project (almost said what you're doing in Patti's bathroom, but that didn't sound quite right lol) I know it will be amazing. Kathy

Pam Kersting said...

Victoria-- I already left a comment, but am not sure if I did it right. Sometimes it takes longer for me to post a comment on your site for some reason.

First, I love, love, love the little Japanese Maple aka Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood.' It is the perfect tree to be in the foreground of your beautiful home. A little tip for you ... try limbing it up just a bit -- pruning the bottom branches off. This will encourage the tree to grow taller faster.

Also, I love the look of the bottom of those stairs in that composition -- they add visual interest! Are you planning on covering them up?

Maria Killam said...

It's adorable!! I love it, you never stop Victoria!

Unknown said...

Great updates and you should be excited because your corner of the world is fab! Colors look great together too!


The House That A-M Built said...

Oh it's gorgeous. I planted a similar tree in my little front yard, a 'liquid amber'. It looks so similar to yours but my leaves have just arrived as we are going in to summer. We bought ours when it was just sticks... which was hard for me comprehend as we don't really do deciduous here in sunny hot Queensland. A-M xx

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

What a beautiful contrast to the front of your home! You are going to have an amazing home when you are done. I can't wait to see it!

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