June 21, 2009

A WestCoast Giveaway!

If you’re a regular visitor of DesignTies you’ll have read that my husband and I went away last weekend to beautiful Ucluelet, British Columbia.

Let me tell you… we had an absolutely wonderful time!

I took a gazillion photographs, but I’m still sorting through them all so can’t write about our trip just yet. What I CAN share with you right away is this lovely little gift that I want to give away to one of our DesignTies readers!

Here… take a look…











Sitting on a soap dish made from black rocks like those that make up the shore line of Ucluelet (except much smaller!) is a handcrafted bar of Sea Wench Soap made in the Ucluelet/Tofino area -- all natural soap that smells amazingly unique! The photo I’ve taken above showcases the dish & soap with a couple of special-to-us keepsakes from our hikes along the shore: black & green rocks that nestle perfectly together and an interesting piece of driftwood.

DSC02028 DSC02059

How do you win?

All you have to do to win this little giveaway is to comment on ANY post, dating back to the beginnings of our blog, written by me = Victoria. Just scroll down to our Label’s list, found at the bottom of the side-bar on the right hand side of your screen, and click on “All Posts by Victoria at Edin Interiors”. Presto… all my posts will magically appear! Scroll through them, pick one to read… and then comment! Pretty simple hey? Can you enter multiple times? Sure! Just comment on a different post… written by me :-) AND if you return back to this post and tell me which project I’ve completed that you like the best, I’ll double ALL your entries!! WOW! Sounds like a sure way to win, doesn’t it? Give it a try and find out!! Haha!!

And while you’re down checking out our archives, be sure to explore my blog partner Kelly’s posts. She’s such a fantastic and engaging writer… and she always writes about beautiful, interesting things!! In fact, I’ll include you in this draw if you leave a comment on one of Kelly’s old posts!! Why not?!!

It’s all about the archives, folks :-)

Next Friday Kelly and I are featuring a fantastic blogger friend’s esty product by hosting another terrific giveaway. Wait until you see what it is!! In that same post we’ll announce the winner of this giveaway. Drop by to see who wins this fun gift (you?!)… and leave a comment on THAT post to be entered in our next fabulous giveaway!!

I hope you have fun exploring some of my past DesignTies posts!!

Victoria from Edin Interiors


Christy said...

Does commenting on this post count? I'll have to look through your archives when I have more time! we're off to our favorite diner for father's day breakfast now. Yes, early. UGH!

Have a great weekend!

Love it ! said...

Don't you just love all that nature brings into our homes :)

Maria Killam said...

Victoria, I think you are a comment collector :) Aren't we all!

Maya said...

I'd loooove to win this one!!! I went back to that post..., which I have actually read, just didn't leave a comment, so I corrected that. Hope you'll share some of those photos...

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

How sweet of you, thinking of others! Love the presentation!

Diane Schuller said...

those are beautiful. My husband and I have been buying and using homemade soap from BC for nearly 6 or 7 years -- we use nothing but. And I love Vancouver Island so much it's where I want to retire when hubby retires. He's actually open to it and considering it. We're looking on the south end of the island rather than up in the north but, even if we do move there, we can venture north on day or overnight excursions. :)

Marilyn said...

Your kitchen makeover is just beautiful. Thanks for the give-away...hope I win.

Anonymous said...

The kitchen is amazing....

Thanks for the chance :)

Kathy :)

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