June 30, 2009

You Don’t Want to Miss… Thing One and Thing Two!!

Two things to share with you on this lovely Tuesday… one just feels good and the other is an idea that we’re trying out here on DesignTies that we hope you’ll try “at home”!

Thing One:

Angela from Angela’s Peony Patch HEARTS our blog… it’s such a wonderful feeling to be loved!! :-)

Thank you so much for this award, Angela… we heart your blog too!!


And speaking of Angela… you should see the beautiful tassels she makes! I definitely recommend that you make your way over to her blog to check out her lovelies!! Of course – right here on DesignTies - you could WIN a FABULOUS made-by-Angela, custom-designed, one-of-a-kind tassel that Kelly and I have dubbed “Fleur de Glam”… simply visit Angela’s Etsy shop The Tassel House, and then come back to Kelly’s Fun & Funky post to leave a comment telling us which one of Angela’s tassels is your favourite!! Good luck!!


Thing Two:


Starting next Wednesday (July 8th) ~ and continuing throughout the summer ~ Kelly and I are going to be re-publishing some of our favourite DesignTies posts.

We’re calling it Rewind Wednesdays… and we’re inviting each of you to join in on the fun and re-play with us!!

Here’s the thing… summers are busy times filled with fun, sun, friends, families, activities… you know, all the kinds of things that keep us away from our computers and our blogs. So why not rewind? Why not pull forward some of those great posts that have been buried deep in your archives?! That’s what we’re going to do!!

I ask you again… hit re-play button with us!! :-)

Next Tuesday evening, July 7th at 9pm eastern time, we’ll publish our Rewind Wednesdays post along with a Mr. Linky.

All you have to do is copy and paste our Rewind Wednesdays logo in your post to let others know that you’re participating in our blog party ~ quickly edit, mention and link back to your blog party host = us :-) DesignTies, then re-publish your TERRIFIC, previously archived post ~ and sign in with Mr. Linky (be sure to use your post’s URL address, not your blog’s address… that way when people come visiting they’ll go straight to your Rewind Wednesdays post, even weeks later).

So… will you come and REWIND with us?!

We hope so!!

Feel free to ask questions of Kelly & I about how this works…

And make sure you enter into our draw to win Angela’s beautiful Fleur de Glam tassel!!


Victoria from Edin Interiors


Tiaa @ EYInteriors said...

That is a great idea! I'm in!

Christy said...

Congrats on your blog award! Looking forward to reading your oldies but goodies on wednesdays!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oooh, nice award! I got my tassel from Angela yesterday and it is gorgeous! Pictures don't do them justice.

Great idea about the "rewind" because you can set up the post to publish ahead of time.

amariaf2000 said...

Have I ever mentioned that I HEART your blog?! :-)
I think Rewind Wednesdays is an AWESOME idea!! I can't wait to dig up some of my lonely old posts!!!
~angela @ peonypatch

Gayle said...

That sounds like fun!

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