June 7, 2009

Sunday snapshots

camera Diane Schuller at Life’s Sweet Ordinary is a wonderful lifestyle photographer. I really enjoy visiting her blog and looking at her wonderful pictures. We’ve sent some e-mails back and forth to each other. In one of my e-mails to Diane, I told her I was going to post some of my flowers pictures, and that I hoped she’d come by and take a look. She laughed, and said that that everyone seems to take pictures of flowers!! But she quickly pointed out that she isn’t a flower snob, and that she’s taken hundreds of flower pictures herself :-) She just wants people—photographers in particular—to move beyond flowers and look around them for other picture inspiration.

So as I looked around the backyard after dinner a couple of days ago, I tried to find angles and lighting and subjects that I thought were interesting and a bit different…

Patio chair

chair close fountainchair close


fencefence shrub

Rocks & water

fountain rocks

Everybody takes pictures of open umbrellas — how about a closed one?? :-)


And of course, I have to include some plant & flower pictures :-) Because when you think about it, plants & flowers are the perfect photography subjects — they’re pretty, they’re colourful, and they just stand there waiting patiently for you to take their picture :-)  I did try to take pictures that are different or a bit unusual, though.

I love the shape of hosta leaves. They’re always to perfectly formed…

hosta leaf

hosta close

hosta close 2

hosta sun

One lonely deformed flower bud on our cherry tree

cherry blossom

I love the lacy leaves of a Japanese Maple. Our tree is tiny (like, barely a foot tall!!) and branches break off every year. But somehow, it manages to stay alive…

japanese maple

Love this lacy purple flower too…

lacy flower

A single white cosmos really stands out against a dark background…


A slightly fuzzy but pretty pink impatiens with water droplets. The shape reminds me of an orchid…


I love these purple daisies


And this is my favourite — doesn’t it look like these two daisies are hugging?? :-)

daisies intertwined

Take a look around your garden and try to see your flowers and plants from a different perspective. You just might find something you didn’t even know was there if you look close enough :-)

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Camera picture from Flickr


DesignTies said...

Great pics, Kelly!

Puna said...

I love it! Boy you have a great yard. Ironically, I was just outside this morning taking pictures of flowers...perhaps I shouldn't post them.

Gayle said...

I just cant resist taking flower photos! All of your photos are beautiful! The lacy purple flower is Bachelor Button. I used to have one, but my husband pulled it out this year. He thought it was a weed. :(

Kat said...

Great photos Kelly. I really love your water feature, and the shots of the patio chair. Gayle's husband must be related to mine - my DH took the weedeater to my mint! Kathy

Christy said...

Nice photos - and I did go and take some photos of some of our flowers! Great idea. I think I'll post them later with posters of the Foo!

Velvet and Linen said...

Wow, I need to take some photography lessons!
The last set of flowers are beautiful. Totally frame worthy.


Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

Great pics Kelly. I am totally "hooked" on flower photography - which you'll probably notice by the photo album on my blog. I like Diane's advice, though, and will look to do some of that myself.

I love the light and shadow in the first picture!

Diane Schuller said...

Thanks for the shout out but, more importantly, I love your photos. You've done a splendid job and have a great eye. Each of the ones of the fence and the chair really demonstrate shape, texture, and contrast. The first one is dynamite.
I too adore hostas! I love their shape & texture but also how sturdy they are. How beautiful seeing your images of them unfurling and with such wonderful light too. I even like your flower photos -- yes, I too love flowers -- it's just that I do like photographers to look around capturing what surrounds us -- not to be missed :)

A very summery post with summery images!

Caroline said...


I am passing on the "One Lovely Blog" award to you! to accept just list 15 other bloggers you will pass it too.


I'll be posting my list tomorrow.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love the shot of the water feature through the arm of the chair. I tend to take flower/plant pictures when I am outdoors too, except for 2 prom photo sessions I hosted in my yard in the last five years,(then there were teens in front of the flowers/plants)!

Elite Home Decor said...

Great pictures!
I love the way the sun picks up on all of the bright colors!

janet said...

your pictures are lovely kelly. Something struck me funny, you made a comment that Dianne encouraged you to look beyond flowers. I say this because our daughter who is now 17 loves photography and i was blown away at the things she finds in her surroundings to take pictures sometimes strange but none the less they are very eye catching.

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