June 12, 2009

A Romantic Getaway & West Coast Contemporary: What the Two have in Common!

Black Rock AerialAhhhh! A romantic weekend getaway with my wonderful fella!

Right now, as you read this post, Brian and I are at the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort (pictured above) in ruggedly wild & picturesque Ucluelet on Vancouver Island, British Columbia!

Of course as I write this post it’s Friday afternoon and I’m stuck in my office at work, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Brian so that he can whisk me away!! :-)

Surfs Inn Guest House and Backpackers Lodge far

So… where the heck is Ucluelet you ask?

Here’s a map!

We live in Vancouver, just captured at the edge of this map… in a few hours Brian and I will travel by ferry to Nanaimo and then drive up-island a bit to lovely Parksville (roughly at the 19 on the map) where we will explore and stay the night. On Saturday morning we will jump out of bed and make the several hour trip across the island – up, down and around mountains – until we reach the west coast. This whole area is stunning and largely “untamed” with bald eagles, grizzly bears, mountain goats, cougars, wolves, and in the water — whales (orca and gray) in abundance!!

The west coast of Vancouver Island is also the location of the Pacific Rim National Park, a protected old-growth temperate rainforest. Here travelers will find Long Beach tofinooceanwaverocks900(no… not the LA version), a favourite destination for world class, and amateur, surfers willing to freeze their arses off(!!)… AND, for those avid hikers, the West Coast Trail; a 47 mile long back-packing trail NOT for the faint of heart! In other words, this is NOT a hike for me!! Wild Pacific Trail Entrance

If you’re interested in learning more about this phenomenal region, I encourage you to navigate to the links I’ve provided!!

Brian and I… we’ve never been here… but we’re thrilled to be going now!!

Enough about parks and wildlife… I’m a girl who loves houses and architecture!!

And speaking of architecture… have you ever heard of West Coast Contemporary architecture? I’m far from expert, but this style of architecture is one of my favourites… and my fellow British Columbian’s would agree that this style is distinctly ours! Think natural elements like wood (especially) and stone juxtaposed with glass and cement, brought together in clean modern lines inside and out. Beautiful!!

The resort we’re staying at is a perfect example. Take a look:




Lovely, don’t you agree?

Now… for those of you not completely sold on this fantastic style of architecture, I would like to introduce you to a simply wonderful home. Built by Abstract Developments in partnership with architectural designer Wil Peereboom of Victoria Design Group, this house is located in Victoria, BC (at the southern tip of Vancouver Island) and I LOVE it!!







image image


Well… Brian has just texted me that he’s waiting downstairs…

It’s time to go!!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend as much as I KNOW I will!!

Victoria from edinInteriors


Unknown said...


Wow...I like it! Great place to be and come back to often. West Coast Contemporary architecture it's just a touch warmer looking than contempory because of the wood colors. Great snaps!


Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

Wow that place is gorgeous!

Christy said...

Victoria - wow that lodge and that home are both gorgeous. I hope you a fun weekend away!

Kat said...

Have a great weekend! What a beautiful place to stay. And the countryside is truly magnificent. I may have to bookmark this post so I can come back and look at this house again and again - just breathtaking. Have fun! Kathy

Willow Decor said...

What fabulous spaces!! I just love them!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Lovely! I like the shot you got with the evening sky out the window. Hope you had a great time! We all need to escape every once in awhile to de-stress.

mrsben said...

Though more of a Victorian or French Chateau romantic, I have to agree the home by Abstracts Development is beeeeeautiful!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. -Brenda-

Verdigris Vie said...

I am positive you are enjoying this incredible adventure.. wow - remarkable outdoors and architecture..


abeachcottage said...

ooh the joy of being whisked away, hope you are enjoying, wish I was there!


Heather said...

How nice! I hope you had a great time, and each photo looks nicer than the next!

Elite Home Decor said...

Just beautiful! Have a great time!

Gayle said...

How beautiful!

Awesome Sara said...

I need to live here!! i bet their closet is bigger than my apartment!

Fifi Flowers said...

A getaway sounds DIVINE!!!

Maya said...

This looks like a stunning place that puts you right in the middle of rocks and sea! I hope you share all the photos!

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