February 18, 2009

Wonderful Walnut

Kelly & JAX Decor & Design


I love walnut. It may be my favourite wood. The colour variation is amazing – walnut can be anywhere from creamy white (sapwood) to dark chocolatey brown (heartwood). And the graining and burls add so much interest and character.

walnut loft

We installed walnut flooring in our loft (over there on the right). It looks a lot like the walnut flooring from EcoTimber (over there on the left). In fact, that picture is what made me want walnut flooring in the first place.

We used heritage-grade walnut, which essentially is the cut-offs and rejects – pieces that were too short or too knotty to be used by whoever was having a walnut floor installed. I think heritage-grade is beautiful BECAUSE of the irregular lengths and all the knots :-)

Mrs B at Decorating a Modern Home has posted some pictures of her wonderful walnut cabinetry. Go check them out :-) And check out Broadbent Handmade Canadian Furniture to see some jaw-droppingly gorgeous pieces of walnut furniture.

walnut broadbent

If you haven’t considered using walnut, you should!! Here are just a few reasons why…


Paul Anater said...

I agree Kelly, walnut's definitely pretty high on my list of favorite wood species. Your heritage-grade floor is indeed more interesting than the clear stuff that's usually used for floors. It's the quirks that make things interesting and I'm glad I'm not the only one who can see that. Bravo!

mrsben said...

Oh I am a big fan of Walnut! Absolutely love the grain. (One of my favourites is Brazilian Walnut.)

Your floor has such character. I would bet too that it doesn't show 'wear-n-tear' so much like so many of the h/w floorings do.


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