February 28, 2009

Loving White… With Colour!

Victoria @ Edin Interiors


Like most of my fellow Vancouver-ites I’m not crazy about snow in the city - but as I gazed out my front window on Wednesday morning all I could think of was DSC01246how beautiful our white world looked next to the lovely early morning blue sky!

See my neighbour’s quirky little purple house? That same morning it was covered and surrounded with snow and glistening in the sun. I was smitten!

All day long all I could think about was the beauty of nature’s White and sky blue, and quirky purple… and a rainbow of colours!

I’d missed my chance to take a photo of the quirky little snow-covered purple house (Maria/Colour Me Happy told me to always keep my camera in my bag – darn!), so Wednesday evening I searched the internet for photos that captured a similar White & Colour magic… I just knew that I had to share that magic with our readers!

What do you think?

(Photos from Flickr)

blue white flickr

I expanded my search to include other images in White & Colour… this is my favourite find of the evening. Love the combination!

(Photo from Flickr)

Funny enough, around the same time I was having fun searching for and thinking about White & Colour I read a post written by Hayley/Tracey at Porchlight Interiors – she was sharing some phenomenal White & Colour (and fantastic Natural) room designs by Piet Boon. I encourage you to drop by Tracey’s blog and check out all the Piet Boon spaces she shared, but these rooms in particular captured – for me - that White & Colour, snow & sky feeling that I was taken with.



Karla from “It’s the little things that make a house a home…” has this photo sitting in the profile column of her blog – such a lovely image, and a perfect example of White & Colour!

With my internet search for White & Colour almost at an end I remembered Colin & Justin’s Home Heist (HGTV Canada). How could I forget? Throughout this past season they had designed so many White & Colour spaces. I put my trusty search engine to work and found these terrific rooms!

Colin & Justin 6Colin & Justin 5 Colin & Justin 4Colin & Justin 7Colin & Justin Colin & Justin 3 Colin & Justin 2

I’m inspired to create a White & Colour room…

But first I need to find a room!


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Victoria, I love all of your white and color, but I especially love the snow on the mountains against the beautiful blue sky. Just breathtaking. Hugs, Marty

DesignTies said...

I'll give you a room to create in white and coloiur -- my dining room!! White with purple, please. Now get to work ;-)


Kat said...

What a view! And I love all the rooms, but that yellow and white bedroom just really speaks to me. Wonder if I could talk DH into letting me paint our four poster white? (rolling on the floor laughing)! Great post, Kathy


Wow, I love white and colors..... beautiful, I really love the orange!
I will be working on my 6 things!!!! Thank you for your support, I love when you girls visit!


janet said...

Hi Victoria, thanks for stopping by to visit my blog, and thank you for your kind comments. I wasnt sure if i could make the cabinet work at that end with my chair. i guess my determination paid off.

I love this post on white and color, it has always been a long time favorite of mine, im talking back to the eighties when dh and i first married. Our first bedroom was done in a lovely blue and white and i only hung white curtains in all our rooms, the white always gave the room a soft fresh clean look. MMMM maybe i will put white semi sheers in the living room for the summer. I have always found Justin and Colins rooms are a perfect example of color and white, even though some of the rooms are a bit over the top for me.
thanks for sharing, loved this post

Karla said...

Victoria! Thanks for mentioning me in this post! That picture is a favorite of mine! You're very sweet!

Love your view! Great post too! And your favorite find of the evening would have to be mine as well! So pretty! Inspiring!


Maria Killam said...

White + a colour is such a clean, crisp look. Love it!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I especially like the photos you took of the colorful houses and fresh snow. Lovely.

Jewel Sauls said...

Thanks for sending me this link in your comment on my blog. You are right, we finished the remodeling of her room in 2004. It is amazing that it is still trendy. We made her headboard because she liked Ginger Roger's bed in Top Hat. I noticed one whole wall upholstered similarly. My other daughter's room is similar but brighter. I'll try and share it next week. Thanks, Jewel

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